New Release: The Dissolution Tapes


New release !

The Dissolution Tapes is out now on Dusted Wax Kingdom #netlabel

Limited Edition cassette release available next week on This Is Not Pop (

Made entirely with OT, DT, AK and processed with Analog Heat. Tracked, mixed and mastered in Ableton Live.

Enjoy !


I enjoyed that, thank you!


Thanks !


Amazing stuff, really well built sound scapes, can’t remember the name of it, but felt like I was exploring an Avatar like alien planet; then the drums kick in and I’m grooving on an alien planet :slight_smile:

Hope I’m quick enough to snag a tape next week!

Thanks for sharing!


Thanks so much :pray:t2:


Just listing to Garden now - beautiful stuff!

Avery time I hear an A4/AK in a mix I wonder why anyone ever had an issue with it. So distinctive. Nice wobble on it - running it through a pedal?


Thanks so much. I believe that is just the AK vibrato, no additional pedals other than the Heat for warmth.


Lovely work. Gonna pick up a tape when they’re out.


Thank you - really appreciate it, glad you enjoyed it


The limited edition cassette is also available as of today via This Is Not Pop :

(digital stream also)

Thank you


Just snagged me self a copy, thanks for putting this out.


Thanks so much


Wonderful. Thank you.


Thank you


I’ll join the chorus: beautiful, very well done.


Thanks so much :pray:t2:


Wow!! I just love sound design and atmosphere! Definitely staying on my playlist.


Thank you !


Cassettte showed up today, thanks! Well packaged with a personal little note written in neon green highlighter from TINP. And, a sweet sticker, which is landing on my tea thermos.

Too bad my tape player is packed due to a potential move. Oh well, going to download and listen to it on my high fi set up.

Thanks again!


Thank you!