New pattern save logic - why?

Yeah that’s kinda what I’m saying - unless save project on the cog wheel also saves current pattern states then … I … don’t … know what to think the point is…

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I have a headache reading this.


the way I see it is in its previous (up to 1.02) state you had to save both patterns and project. now you only have to save project.
save pattern is just a performance tool now, like a 2nd ctrl-all temp save state.

maybe previously you didn’t even have to save pattern, save project may have saved all patterns too I dunno.
it actually seems simpler now. especially when they fix the save project shortcut bug. funct + cog = done.


Thanks. I remain confused, but appreciate your answer all the same.

That makes sense. So save is just a proper, good old fashioned save, the kind we saw when Grandpa was a kid and chased old Jim’s cat down the creek. Just push it and you’re done.

Whereas the temp save is now a buffer, for you to use to copy paste patterns as you work or reload patterns if you’re going crazy with them in live contexts, edit contexts or other contexts. But not there to actually save, save stuff. More like a clipboard.

If so, then this sounds great.


Yeah, after reading this makes sense to me. Hooray!

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I cant say I get it either,its not helping that there are so many references to saving without the details of which button are being used, maybe I didnt fully understand the old method but having func+yes to temp save the current pattern with func+no to undo seemed pretty straight forward, then save permenantly when you are done. So func+yes no longer gives you a point to return to with func+no?. I am totally lost the only thing odd about the old method was the unnessesary option the save the project with func+ save as well as through the menu, if I wanted to save the project I func+cog, if I wanted to give myself a place to get back to in a pattern then func+ yes worked fine, how are there two temperary save states now? and how do I return to them?.

Thats a good point.
So we now have 2 save states we can return to. one is temporary (func+yes) and one is the project save state. in the manual it says func+no will reload to the project save state (as on MD crtl-all) unless youve made a more recent func+yes temporary save state, in which situation func+no will reload to the new temporary state.
it doesnt seem to say how to wipe the temporary func+yes save point apart from turning off the machine or similar.
anyone know how to wipe the temp save point on the fly?

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Nice one. I understand now, like the buffer idea. Though indeed clearing it would be a must.

Yea from what they briefly said about os1.03 i gathered you could revert to the 2 save points as you please, but maybe not.
Perhaps it clears when you change pattern? that’d be kinda cool. maybe :smile:
I’ll have to test that later.

Good ol’ Jim :smile:

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Yeah, old Jim never bothered about them save files and folders and stuff. He just camped on his porch, resting in his rocking chair with that shotgun under the blanket, undoing any attempt at saving anything that happened to stroll by into his yard.

i accidently hit reload pttn and it loaded something from yesterday at a totally different bpm. would be good to know how long patterns are temp stored for cos i had a nice little midi sequence going and i lost it

The reason why it changed was to allow for a Project to be a recall point.
In 1.02 everything you saved would save to the +Drive and the Project, meaning that you cannot reload the Project and revert to last saved state.

1.03 however implements a temporary save which allows you to store a Pattern without storing it in the +Drive/Project. If you’ve made changes, or messed around with Ctrl-Al with save/reloading you could then reload the Project and have the last state load up.

And - saving your Project works like a save all - it saves every pattern to the Project as you would expect. That has not changed.

Patterns are stored in temp (or even working memory) indefinitely.


Nice one Simon.
Any way to clear the temp (func+yes) recall point on the fly?

Thanks for clearing this up @Ess - perhaps a wee adjustment to the manual to make it more explicit that save project includes all pattern state.
Cheers !

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What do you mean exactly?
You can recall the Pattern to the Project state by pressing the Pattern button and selecting ‘Reload from Proj’


ahha my bad, didnt know you could do that :slight_smile:
so you have access to both recall states. temp and project. nice

Ok, so this sounds pretty great overall.

You know, you Elektron guys have this one thing that runs through your organisation like your own pattern - you do great stuff. Outstanding, even.

You’re just not always great at explaining them. Or timing the point when you should.

But when you enter the stage like you do now, in this thread, and just spend a few moments to outline how things work, you resolve so many issues and create so much goodwill.

Make a pattern out of that. Don’t hit Reload on the old pattern. Wipe it from your +Drive, and do this instead, this here right now that you’re doing right now. And make that your default.


What he said.