New Owner with a Query

New owner here of a used monomachine.

I’m having a problem - If I load a machine to track 1 - no problems.
When I load a different machine to track 2, I still seem to only get the machine from track 1 playing, even when I mute track 1, and the synth paramater controls for track 2 have no effect at all on the machine.

In other words, no matter what I do to track 2, I only get the sound of the machine loaded to track 1, even when track 1 is muted.

It’s probably a setting I am missing, but it may also be a faulty unit - I bought it sight unseen from a pawn broker

Are you in poly-mode?

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The first thing that came to mind was that make sure you’re routing track 2 to an out.

Some info here from the manual:

Is it doing the same thing on tracks 3, 4, 5 and 6? Another thing you might try is load the same machine as on track 1 to track 2. Is it still doing the same thing? Make sure filter is fully open (which is should be when you load a machine). Still might have to check the routing.

Hope you’ll get it sorted out, the Monomachine is such a special synth!


I did check the routing - all tracks are routed to output AB, and the output setting is AB Stereo.

I have solved the problem - I had connected a midi keyboard and it is obviously set to only activate track 1, and not the other tracks.

Next query - how can the same midi keyboard easily operate all 6 tracks? Will I have to manually set the midi out channel of the keyboard every time I change tracks?

The keyboard is the arturia keystep.

There is an auto-channel you can set which should play the active track


Thanks - I see it is midi channel 9 by default.

You people are awesome