New OP1 field

Oh, I thought it was Plonky Plinky this season, I better cancel that hat I just ordered. Nuts!

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You might be right. It’s a thin line.

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It looks nice.

If they were top of the industry for reliability and customer service then I’d have less of an issue with the price.

Only owned the OP-Z by them and it’s bent out of shape with encoders held in place with electrical tape and a rattling back plate. It doesn’t feel like a premium product, was one of my most disappointing hardware purchases in the end which was a shame as the sequencer was a lot of fun.


oooh not yet heard of yuri wong i’ll check em out

but yes…this is a great description of op charm and uses, i’ve never found a more natural tool for unstructured/asynchronous beatmaking (for me it’s far more precise)

i end up fighting w/ every sampler except op1 when to avoid getting squeezed into a fixed grid not of my choosing

microtiming on some devices can get interesting but nothing beats full control if you know what you want and how to lay it down properly

2-3 weeks shipping apparently for orders already in.
Demand far exceeding expectations.

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Thats quicker than expected. I was thinking a month.

45 days according to The TE forum.

Presume these are the next batch and first lot sold out and will ship very soon (despite price)

I agree. The OP-Z and the OP-1 both aren’t known to be reliable. I had double triggers on the OP-Z and the input and output jacks of the OP-1 weren’t very robust. I liked both devices when i had them but they felt a bit cheap in some aspects. On the creative side i applaud TE though.


I put 6mm clear silicon bumpers on my op-z buttons. transformed it for the better


Inside the unit?

no, on top of the buttons. makes them a lot more tactile


He did that Tropic Thunder one that went viral a few years back. But most likely him and RMR could make that kind of stuff on any other groovebox sampler really, they don’t particularly make use of the tape in any way that much different than a means of chaining patterns together, aside from the odd tape trick here and there. Not dissing them in any way, but just pointing out that the OP1 isn’t doing anything special on their stuff, it could just as well be a SP, DT, MPC etc.


reasonable view IMHO here from Jorb



Newby question: how does it compare to MPC live?

Sneak peak at TEs cost controllers adding up the bill of quantities for the new op-1 field


Couldn’t agree more, pretty sure we are on the same page :slight_smile:

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Yes, just lift the audio change tape and drop the audio onto the new tape

They’re global

You basically choose a note range for where a note shall be held. Any notes triggered inside this spectrum has its notes held and anything outside can be freely played

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I can’t believe this post is almost up at 1k after only one day… this is the reason TE doesn’t need synthfluencers


I suppose one can’t save the different sequencers sequences, right?
A feature request I should submit… Fn+Lift/Drop isn’t used yet, might be something that could be asked I guess.

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