New OP1 field

Doubt it, original OP1 just became a cheaper alternative to op1f as is. Now sold alongside it for a cool $1400…

If the op1f would replace the original at the same price point, then the used market price decrease would be more likely.

No one will sell their devices cheaply if the price of the next iteration is even more pricey.


Yeah, exactly.

A very crucial question I haven’t seen answered yet: is the chopper still there?


you might be right but there are actually nearly 100 units on reverb one at 800… seems like a matter of time before people just want to move them vs wait for units priced lower to sell, especially if they just dropped 2k on an OP1 field. My guess is it will be like the A4 mk1 where there will be a quick bottoming out maybe 600-700 and then it will bounce back up slowly once all the used units start to find homes.


Same here. I’d buy a new Mac Pro computer with wide screen monitor over the TX-6 or new OP-1 field. I’m happy with the OP-1 that I bought last year for 1k.

As much as I like my OP-1 my Elektron gear is more useful and powerful.

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Its gone :sob:


In Germany my eBay classifieds got more OP-1s during the last two days than it usually has over a few months. (Just counted 13!)

I’ve always argued to a degree against the idea that it’s the artist’s input/skill, not the gear that’s most important.

And this discussion really highlights the reasons why both are equally as important, in a relative way.

I’m happy I’ve ordered the new Op-1 field. I’m not happy I paid 2 grand for it. But the Op-1 environment opened up a frame of mind that rooms full of gear, over 30 years didn’t manage to do. I’m not saying I wasn’t productive over those years. I enjoyed myself immensely, but certainly in the last 15 years I felt stuck in a rut.

I bought multiple OT’s, DT’s DN’s, Mpc’s, Force etc etc, but none of it clicked.

Admittedly I’ve owned several Op-1’s at different times and they didn’t click at those times. But then things happened a few years back and everything aligned. I had the money and opportunity to buy whatever the hell I wanted, in bucketloads. But I was drawn back to the Op-1, with a desire and deep need not to go back to rooms full of gear. And to hopefully not repeat the cycle of re buying gear that is amazing on spec, but not in use in my hands.

And I’ve found great peace and inspiration in solely using the Op-1s. Always tried to add a few fx pedals here and there. Thought I’d like an Op-z to accompany them, but everything became a distraction again. I’ve said it recently but the Op-1 is my entire musical world. I want to enjoy and continue that experience with this evolution.

Spending that money at anytime on anything should take serious consideration, and I’m saying this as an ex bankrupt. But I can see a musical future for myself that had been lost for perhaps 20 years or so. And that translates directly to my mental well-being. As a teenager making music I imagined great things, but that got lost in later life. Op-1 has made me feel more like my old/younger self. And that is priceless (without wanting to sound like a commercial)


Today I played with my OP1 for a few hours while out of the house and it totally killed my gas for the new op1. I think it’s already perfect as is for what it is. I’m not sure I need anything deeper for the sketch pad I use it as.


Do you use many of the synth sounds, or mostly samples? I struggle getting synth sounds I like on mine.


I feel you and I hope you recieve your op-1f soon and report back on how you like it. From what I’ve seen and heard about it, as well as my experience with the og-1, I think the op-1f holds the potential to be the one piece of gear I’d choose, if I were to ever reduce my setup to a single electronic instrument.
The og-1 almost held that potential for me, but the updates regarding stereo, recording quality and the multiple tapes the op-1f brings are what will most probably sell it to me sometime down the road as an “all in one” solution for music making.
I’ve been slimming down and simplifying a lot in the past years, not only in terms of music gear, but also other hobbies (gaming only on the switch, all reading on an e-reader, using only 1 really good knife for cooking, getting rid of vinlys and cds and going full digital on music listening, etc), and it’s just very liberating to declutter everything.
That being said, I also pre-ordered an m8 early this year and recently got a syntakt, so I’m not quite there yet when it comes down to reducing music gear :sweat_smile:


Did you guys see this sonic state video? everything seemingly is custom on the OP-1F . like every component, so in terms of R and D this is pretty much a high spec level, hence the price.


The stereo part makes this super compelling in a setup with other instruments too. Like, now it’s a super-quality tape midi-synced recorder for the Octatrack, or just to use with iOS apps.

I’d like to see some videos with a deeper look at the synths now, too.


Sounds like OP-1 is right for you. It just clicks :relaxed:


Also true, if that’s the workflow you’re going for. But the whole stereo thing is what really elevates the op-1f as a standalone device for me. Recording something to the tape, putting a master fx on it, resampling it, chopping it up, recording to the tape again, slowing it down, etc.
This was all possible and good fun on the og-1, but only in mono, which was a big bummer for me.

I’ve always felt that the op1 is one of the most inspiring music gadgets while also being one of the worst sounding and for whatever reason I am happy with that. I love the op1, but more as a piece of art to inspire than a quality sounding instrument.


This is what I’ve been saying all along.

I’m a mechanical engineer by trade and I fully know how much manufacturing costs… and the biggest price integer is actually the anticipated volume of the serial production. In other words how many units they will produce each year and for how long they will sell the product…

Wolkswagen cars cost they way they cost because they have a sales volume of a million cars a year and they spread out the cost over several cars using platforms for the basis of each car (they can reuse parts for other cars and brands etc.)

I can’t imagine the volume of the TX-6 being more then the lower thousands each year and this will reflect heavily on the price… it’s one thing if they use off the shelf parts because the supplier of those parts sell to other manufacturers and can then push the price down of each part because they sell them by the millions. TE makes their own parts and sell them at a volume of lower thousands… just imagine the price difference there!

The response to this has mostly been “I’m also in the business and now how much hardware cost and it’s still expensive” and my retort to that is “stop fucking lying”

Edit: I just wanted to add that the sales volume is the biggest driver for how parts are manufactured


Yeah and the entire UI has been redone. It’s has been completely overhauled, which includes a tremendous amount of both coding and graphic design assets also. Seriously, the quirky interactive graphical assets are part of the charm of the device. The appeal of the instrument has always been that playful artistic feedback loop to make music on, not just a sterile windows 95 interface to make tunes in.

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I’d need to be much better at using my current op1 before considering an upgrade. When/if that time comes I do appreciate the subtle design evolution. - I could probably sneak the field in as a replacement and my wife would never know! High risk strategy mind you…


So will the original op1 get the new synth and reverb (as they are still selling it) or is it done now for updates? I assume there are no two different firmwares and the field op1 firmware won’t rub on the original?