New OP1 field


I have 4 questions, if you don’t mind :slight_smile:

  1. How does the new encoders feel, compared to the old ones?
  1. What do you mean - was there a cover on the velcro, or is it just exposed? If it’s the latter, it seems like a weird design choice.

  2. Also, it looks like the new “hovering keyboard” design could allow for more dirt/dust to get inside the unit. But it’s hard to tell in the few videos I’ve seen - what are your thoughts?

  3. Is the QR-code on the backside just a sticker, which is removable… or?

Still haven’t released the price in AUD yet :woozy_face: :money_mouth_face:

If we culled this thread of people saying its overpriced we may have 50 genuine posts. Hmmm.


and 35 of those are from @MichaalHell :joy:


Yes :joy::joy::rofl:

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They’re a bit smaller but I feel like their a bit easier to rotate, but as a whole I’d say they’re roughly the same

It’s just an exposed Velcro on the underside… but let me be clear, I have a beta unit it could be that they used my unit to test the Velcro…

So I don’t know if the finished units will have the Velcro pre attached…

I’d say there might be a risk for more dust getting in… again my unit is a beta unit, so im not sure if the gap on the finished unit is as big as on mine

I don’t have a QR code so I would say it’s a sticker

I would probably get that note from the forum asking me to stop posting if it wasn’t for the price posts :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


By the way, some people are asking you questions on op-forums :sweat_smile:


It doesn’t include sales tax.

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Haha, yeah I saw that!

Glad to help though

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@MichaalHell Can you post some samples of the new Dimension synth? You said it sounds “roland-ish”, I’m really curious of some of the presets.

So it’s now a USB host also? Can you connect a USB device that has USB Audio Out into it (Like an OPZ or an M8 Tracker or whatever core compliant device) and sample it digitally? That would be dope.

Being 32 bit I suspect it has more headroom. Have you noticed anything in particular with this?

Does the Nitro filter sound better than the old one?


21.4.: TX-6
12.5.: OP-1 Field (exactly 3 weeks later)
2.6.: OP-Z Field (please)

What would an OPZ field be (aside from aluminum body)?

That would be enough for me


32 bit and stereo throughout but I’d already be happy with an aluminium body

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Stereo everything in the op-z field would be pretty cool.


Ridiculously expensive :joy:

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You do wonder with the “Field” theme if they will release a hand held Field Recorder as part of the range. Judging by one of the interviews it sounds like they have quite a few products in the pipeline unless they are on about accessories.

I see the OP-Z gets a fair bit of flak for its build quality so would assume an upgrade would be high on the agenda

I guess we’ll see a KO field and Tonic field with wireless capability and advanced graphics housed in an aluminum enclosure

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We could consider the OP-1 field a “Veblen good” - demand goes up when price goes up.
This $$$$ price mark and its discussion (outrage) all over the place is better than any marketing campaign. Well played, TE. Well played.