New Modor drum machine - DR2

1750 euros - ouch!


I would think they would make an M version of this though. like they did for the NF1

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Ouch indeed, not a big fan of the sound either.


It can make screeching high pitched horrible noises.
And make someone ‘dance’ weirdly.

Too expensive for me but their gear is usually well made and a little unique (IMO)


Only 6 voices in such an expensive digital drum machine… The spec sheet compares very poorly with the MDUW. Am I right in thinking there are no LFOs?!


They make interesting machines. But I think their market only consists of people who are shitting gold coins.


yeah, I mean Elektron literally did this better aeons ago.

the Soundcloud demos are appalling. It sounds much better in KiNK’s hands - but then again everything does as he’s a master.

But then after watching his demo I thought, “yeah but you’d just buy a TR-8S really, wouldn’t you”

Or even the Nord drum thing. I just don’t get who Modor thinks is going to buy this…


And no FX. Yes sure it sounds a bit more hifi but even 20 years ago this would have compared badly to the MD.

I don t see who s gonna spend this kind of money given the bang for buck there s to be gotten elsewhere (Elektron, Roland tr8/6s, Arturia brutes, Korg volcas/electribes, etc).


Yeah, 1750… maybe not too cheap, but at least it’s not a toy like 95% of the stuff that comes out today. And I guess the price to build electronics depends largely on the numbers. First sight looks quite promising to me…

The sequencer would have to be nuts to make this worth it, and they’re going to need to add a lot more in terms of synth types. The faders are nice.

With enough firmware updates it could work, but it’s well out of my price range, like many others.

Go to Microtonic Patternarium and you get one for free ; )

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yikes. expensive, bulky, uninspiring sound. there’s a lot of gear that’s not my thing yet I can see why its audience would want it, but in this case I genuinely don’t understand why anyone would buy this.

Sounds nice! But that is pricey! It would have been nice if it was a bit more lo-fi, maybe 8/12 bit.

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Yeah who would want this thing? Looks especially mediocre and sounds like nothing special. Only 12 parameters per voice too. Seems uninspired. At that price you can buy a Jomox or a Tempest


I must admit,I saw the title and really wanted to see the youtube demo. and, sounds good, this company have a kind of edge, I expcted something else, diffrent something, not another drum machine.

Disclaimer: MD fanboy here :slight_smile:

I won’t buy it unless it is over $2,000.


Everything i heard in this demo could easily be done on a Digitone …

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I will get one

Difficult to beat :

  • RYTM
  • TR8S
  • Nord Drum
  • MFB Tanzbar

(no particular order just my favorites)