New Machine drum for 2022

I’m really hoping that Elektron will bring back the machine drum and add phrase sampling. With multi-effects. And fill it with rap, modular, and techno patterns programmed by hot producers. I don’t mind a price tag of $2,000,00 and paint it a bright color

Good news for you: the Machinedrum is back and it’s called the Syntakt!


It isn’t tho.




Machinedrum should not be reintroduced
Let it live in the hands of current owners and in the hearts of wannabee owners
And let us thank Autechre for cranking the shit out of it.
Legendary drum machine , I was glad to have spent 12 yrs with one and it’s sister the beautiful monomachine


If they remake the machinedrum no doubt there would be people saying it sounds “thin” and that there aren’t enough parameters.


Wtf? There’s only 3 pages? What?

“why did they have to dumb it down with stupid drum synth engines”


Parameters were in abundance but I did I always feel it had a digital, thin sound to it. Always run mine through a Strymon Deco to get a tad more beef on it. Great piece of gear. Need to bring mine out of the box.

Machinedrum will be only on Reverb, Syntakt is the confirm that there will be not a new MD

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There’s a MD MK2 on Reverb for $1700 which isn’t a bad price at all for what it is.

We will read hundreds of posts about how Elektron lost their focus, that they are so uninnovative, releasing an old device instead creating something new, and how it makes all the other boxes obsolete etc!


That will die down. There will be only a few Syntakt posts like the Model Cycles after a while. Dont fret.


I have a mk2 not UW but I wish for a mk3. I can add almost all the missing features I seek with the X.06 OS (and I’m very grateful for that) but the idea of having all of that and maybe more in a new body with the newer encoder, buttons and screen would be terrific! Also a faster way of dealing with samples in the UW version plus more storage if it can be achieved without loosing the 12bit depth (like the new isla 1200). I think the market and the comunity in support of this is present, it’s the idea of the OT mk2: an improvement not a revolution.

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Heat made a good partner for it too.
Too bad it came out after so many folks sold their MDs.

Syntakt digital drum voices through the analog fx block drive and filter do give me a healthy dose of MD+Heat vibes, however. Especially the new SD.


I’m still wanting to run my MD through an Analog Heat. Maybe I’ll sell the Deco to fund one. Also love the idea on Syntakt of “Machines” I thought of MD right away when I saw that. Maybe people sell there Heats at discount prices to fund Syntakt? :wink:


stick MD thru Syntakt :upside_down_face:


Don’t tempt me now! Hahaha. That would be a legit combo. Especially with the new, unofficial firmwares for the MD.

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I’m definitely wanting a Syntakt. I’m thankful that Elektron is creative and thinking outside the box