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Hello everyone! It’s been ages since I’ve posted on any sort of web forum — do people still make a first post to introduce themselves on these things? :sweat_smile:If not, please excuse my awkward naivete…

Anyway, I’m Cole, and I just picked up my first Elektron box, a Digitakt. It arrived today, and I’m pumped to start digging into it. I’ve produced music for the better part of 15 years under different guises and in different styles, starting with instrumental hip hop in the early 00’s, transitioning (weirdly?) into drone and noise around 2007/8.

From 2010–2013 or so I co-operated and did art direction for the noise/drone/experimental tape label Prairie Fire Tapes. In early 2013 I moved countries for a career change and dropped my music focus pretty much entirely, and in the mean time the label was sunsetted.

I’ve put out a couple digital releases in the intervening years, created mostly with layered samples in Logic, but I haven’t felt really committed or successful in creating music since 2010 or so. I’m excited to dive back into it in a big way now that this Digitakt is sitting in front of me.

Most of my taste over the last 5 years or so has tended towards the Raster and Subtext artists (Emptyset, Ryoji Ikeda, Paul Jebanasam, Roly Porter) and not too distant relations (Mika Vainio/Pan Sonic, Franck Vigroux, Roberto Crippa). Sunn O))) is a mainstay. Recently, Annabelle Playe and Jaap Vink have blown my head off. I’ll consider myself happy if I can finally produce something new that captures a worthy shred of these influences.

That’s probably more of an introduction than is needed, but there we have it. It just feels weird to dive into a message board without introducing yourself first — I’ll now shut up and get to digging. Look forward to getting familiar with the Digitakt and the forum!


Welcome aboard and congrats on the new Digitakt!

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Learning the DT is a journey you are sure to remember (in a very good way!) :slight_smile:

Best regards,


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Hi welcome! good to hear you’re on the elektron family also a big raster noton fan and have fun with your new instrument happy tweaking!


Welcome! Can’t say I’m knowledgeable of really any of the artists you listed as inspiration, but I’m pumped to see what you create with the Digitakt. It plays much like an instrument and I find almost everyone takes their own approach, explore and have some fun learning the nuances

  • my two cents -
    rtfm. Cover to cover in one go, then refer back whenever there’s a specific thing you forget how to do. By far the fastest way to learn the machine - and well written too imo <3 @eangman

You’re a better man than me :wink:

You are of to a good start. Checking etiquette, sounds like you found the perfect forum

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Welcome, dear. I don’t recall listening to a track where DT is used for drones, can’t wait to hear you production!
What kind of stompbox do you use, if any?

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“Raster Noton, Emptyset and Roly Porter.”

C h e e r s . :cocktail:

also welcome. :slight_smile:

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You just listed a bunch of my all time favourite artists. I wouldn’t have even gotten interested in electronic music without Mika (RIP) and Ilpo. Pan Sonic was the first electronic music that made sense to me!
Welcome, looking forward to hearing the results of your explorations.


I spent the week between ordering and delivery watching pretty much every video tutorial I could find on it, and picked up the same tip along the way. The manual was the first thing I dove into when it arrived. Great advice!

I haven’t touched my pedal lineup in the better part of a decade, and I’m not sure if it’ll see any action now, but…

  • Line 6 Verbzilla & Echo Park
  • Big Muff Pi
  • Audible Disease Convulsion CN-2
  • Behringer bass EQ

In an ideal world, I’d get rid of this whole stack and just get an Eventide Space and an Analogue Heat Mk II. :wink:


Hi where can I purchase this doggo add-on for the Digitakt? :smile:

Hear hear! Mika and Emptyset really changed my perception of rhythmic noise/electronic music in general, too.