New Gameboy clone for chiptune


Apparently it is aluminium, not emulation, plays original GB carts and will have LSDJ built in, colour me interested!


I still have two og gameboys - never really considered them in relation to music.


I use a few different versions of nanoloop and lsdj with my various gameboys, lots of fun to be had even though I wouldn’t consider myself a chip musician, my favourite is nanoloop mono which is pretty minimal with 3 tracks but it is surprisingly capable - a bit like a cut down version of the Analog4.


I’m very interested about how accurate it sounds. If the WAV channel sounds as it should, this will definitely be something I’ll pick up. The fact that it might have LSDJ preloaded makes me hopeful.





Cool with LSDJ built in i can just have nanoloop mono in the slot, hope they got the sound right!


I’m interested. Might even use it for gaming too if I manage to hunt down some good games for it.