New FADERFOX MIDI controller system for ELEKTRON devices (12-track-design for ANALOG RYTM)


Ahem, thx for the link, but nope, I won’t :cold_sweat:


how about one of these?


Picked up PC12 and MX12 at post office in the morning, can’t wait to hook them to OT :heart_eyes: I guess it will need manual (or MIDI learn) CC setup.
Not sure yet which 8 parameters will be the most interesting to have at hand per track. Any suggestions? I’m thinking 2 knobs for filter tweaking, 2-3 for delay, rest for either LFO’s or whatever FX is on the track. Green buttons on PC12 could be either ‘select track’ or ‘rec arm’ (for live sampling) … have to experiment here. Grey and green buttons on MX12 will be ‘mute’ and ‘solo’ switches. I also don’t know what to do with tracks 9-12. Either I map LXR parameters there or additional FX params of master track or selected tracks.

Edit: I just got another twisted idea about mapping for OT. Faders 1-8 would work as expected as track volumes. Fader 9 as Crossfader, faders 10-12 tbd. BUT … 8 rows of knobs, if assigned horizontally to tracks would give 12 parameters per track … little non-ergonomic but my projects usually use track 7 as live sampling track for transition trick and track 8 is master track. These two would nicely stay on MX12 and PC12 would serve tracks 1-6. Vertical divider lines will help with orientation in mapped parameters. Let’s see what comes out better.


something a cool poster mentioned on the boards a year or two ago was being able to adjust the wet/dry ratio of reverb on a track remotely via midi

maybe also try adjusting the start time of a sample on track 7 … then if it is chopped, realtime remixing of hihat grooves could be fun via potentiometer, potentially

in addition to freq/res adjustment via midi control surface, i also think the one band eq selection and gain could be valuable to have immediate access to, either for a track, or the master stereo channel.


control by sysex isn’t available on PC12…maybe later with a firmware update


also if you could mount the pc12 vertically in a custom individual bespoke stand, it would look way cool and perhaps be more ergonomically logical, the rows become columns and relate visually to the 8 channels in their new portrait presentation arrangement.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on your new setup and how you’ve configured the controllers. Also, please share pics :heart_eyes:


I first worried about the programming when I read the user manual online but it turns out to be very logical and not difficult at all.

The Faderfox MX -12 integrated into the setup very well, within minutes, controlling the volume levels on the A4 and the Virus TI (8 Parts).

The quality of the box, faders, knobs and buttons is excellent.

Thanks Mathias!


Very nice


What?! You guys don’t have perfect mental maps in your head of all 12 voices at all times?!

Visual feedback is for wimps!



Huge thank you to Mathias!
Not only is my new PC12 amazing at controlling my Rytm, but it looks and feels solid.

Mathias also helped me a great deal to set it up in my work flow, without getting the least bit frustrated with my limited midi knowledge.

Highly recommended.


Does this control the volume of OT channels?. I bought a oktakontrol a while back but the sliders were mapped to the amp volume on the amp page of OT. I plock different amp settings a lot so was no good for me…I wish it couldve been mapped to control the volume level on OT.


You can map whatever you’d like. It does come pre-mapped for the rytm.


For the OT the Amp volume. I use the Oktakontrol for the OT and have not used the Faderfox for the OT. For the synths I control CC07. Unfortunately, you cannot map whatever you like. Not everything is mappable via MIDI. I don’t think that the MIDI controller makes a difference there.


OT track level = cc 07
OT amp vol = cc 25

If you have a mappable midi controller you can make it do either…


Hi @faderfox, hi guys,

I think @Olaf_Wolkenhauer already give the answer but my midi known is not good and i has to be sure,

I have some question before buying the Faderfox MX12, i have Analog rytm, Analog four, DSI Tetra.

I juste need 4 faders for the rytm so,
Is it possible to map 4 faders for each 3 devices midi out ( like volume for A4 *4 , AR * 4, TETR4 * 4) and assign the top row of encoder for each device too without any conflict?

If yes, imagine all my volume faders on the MX12 are at 100 and my current project ‘‘in the boxes’’ volume are at 100 too;
if i change project and the volume ‘‘in the boxes’’ of the new project are set to 75;

Does the volume jump to the new parameter when project change, or does the fader jump when i move it?
so if i fade the fader down from 100 to 99, the volume in the box jump directly from 75 to 99?

Thanks you guys !


Thats what happens to me with OT using the Oktakontrol… Im trying to find a work around but cant find it in the manual.

On the access virus there are a few modes for knob behaviour and one of them allows you to turn the knob and nothing happens until you reach the current set value.

So in your example nothing would happen to volume until you came down from 100 to 75 then it would affect the volume.

Why encoders are so good.

Be interesting to see if faderfox worked differently.


Ok so for my elektron machines it will jump directly from 75 (in the box) to 99 if my fader was at 100 and i down it a little. It’s not an issue because when i change project on elektron boxes, i have just to reset all fader to 0 before launching clips or before a live set prapare every volume etc.

With oktacontrol your volume jump directly or you have to move the fader ?

My tetr4 as the jump / change after reach beahviour so im glad to know it will work on the MX12 faders !

And could i map 3 different machine on the device , no limitation i will be able too pass midi info trough the THRU and without conflict ? because of the 2 midi outs vs 3 machines ?


you can control 3 devices with MX12 but note to have different midi channels for each device to avoid any conflicts.

the problem with value jumps can be solved when the devices send feedback data by changing projects.
for ELEKTRONs this works afaik only with OT. not sure how the tetra works.
so you would have these jumps after changing projects on A4 and RYTM.
a little help is to use the fader mute function on MX12 to move the faders near to the new value (holding shift and move fader).
I hope the ELEKTRON guys will implement this feature (feedback data by project change) in the A4 and RYTM too like on the OT. then you can use the snap function on MX12.
or something like the snap/relative function on ACCESS VIRUS would be a good solution too.

with motorfaders and encoders you would have the same problem because they also need feedback data and encoder relative mode isn’t supported by the ELEKTRONs :frowning:

so the main issue is on device side and not on controller side

Digitakt livemix demonstration


Ok thank you for the answer!

I really like the simple style of your products, simple and straight to the point. Full support