New FADERFOX MIDI controller system for ELEKTRON devices (12-track-design for ANALOG RYTM)

1: there are some technical problems with the joysticks (especially the knob) and it’s a very expensive component
2: good idea…maybe I implement this feature in one of the next devices


Being able to use macros for Midi CC would be brilliant! I’ve been wanting smt like this for ages^^
Really, that would be so cool! :blush:

Edit: For macros it would be best if there was the possibility to set parameter ranges individually for each CC.
Would it also be possible to have smt like in the A4/AK Macros so that it would be possible to have a bipolar range from -64 to 0 to +63, so the parameters don’t change in an absolute way but just go higher or lower from where they were?

You would need endless encoders for this and not standard pots.

I’d definately prefer encoders over pots on a macro midi cc controller, but what I meant is having something like a relative mode, so the assigned cc parameters change relatively to the original values, but with the ability to set parameter ranges individually.

Basically like the bipolar mode on the A4/AKs performance macros.

Thanks for replying.

Ok I figured that it was probably due to problematic hardware.

Awesome that it seems like multi messages is possible, looking forward to seeing that function in action!

Thanks again.

I know, but relative mode isn’t as simple as it may look like (and requires endless encoders).

The MIDI protocol itself doesn’t support a relative mode. CC messages are just a CC number + an absolute value.

To implement relative mode on a controller you need a way to request the current value from the device you want to control so the controller can do the math and send back an absolute value.

From the actual Elektron devices only the OT supports CC values request as far as I know.

And even then you’ll need an endless encoder for it to work properly. Imagine a standard pot which is already in min or max position: from there you cannot modify the value relatively in both directions, but only in one. And worse: you cannot just turn it back to catch up to its real value, because this will be interpreted as relative movement, too.

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Ok, get it now^^ Without parameter feedback no relative mode.
Thanks for clearing that up!

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Thanks a lot for your reply ! Indeed the double side overlay seems to be a great way to test/design template for the PC12.
On the other hand, I would be still interested in finding a way to design my own overlay :slight_smile: Maybe I should discuss that in another thread or forum.

I’ve got a PC-12 but it’s been in storage for a while as not got space to set everything up.

What I’ll probably end up doing is creating my own overlay template by measuring out the size of the unit and location of all the pots. Put together a layout in Adobe Illustrator that I can print onto A4 card. Then get something like this to cut out the circles :slight_smile:

The ones Faderfox sell will be a lot more hardwearing though.

I plan on making a LOT of templates - ones for different hardware, VSTs etc so it makes most sense to make a big batch of my own.

Thats exactly what im looking to do. I didnt know this way to cut the circles, thats good to knwow. Do you plan to print your overlay on a local store ? Or using an online service ?

It would be really nice to achieve something close to the new OT mkii skins that are printed on X-ray films :

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@faderfox (or someone else with that knowledge, maybe), I’m planning to get myself a PC12.

My setup is OT + DN + DT. I already have a Korg NanoKontrol for the OT going through a USB to MIDI box, and it works well enough.
If I understand correctly, the PC12 pots could be assigned to either DN or DT parameters, since it’s got 2 MIDI out, can you confirm that ? What about bringing the OT in, could I use the USB MIDI from the faderfox to go through my converter and essentially get a 3rd MIDI out that way, one controller to rule them all ?

Thanks in advance for your time :heart:

all possible but pay attention to work with different midi channels on OT, DN and DT because PC12 sends each command on all ports simultaneously


Amazing, exactly what I needed, I’ll make my order today :grinning: :+1:

Danke Mathias, the PC12 is beyond great ! :star_struck:

The build quality is as one would expect from a professional product. I was afraid assigning functions to pots without a software would be tedious, but between MIDI learn and copy functions, it is deceivingly simple. 30 different setups means it will control my machines setup as well as my favourite VST’s , I still can’t believe this is real.

I’m wondering though, for now I have the PC12 hooked to my OT/DT/DN setup, and I assigned tracks as follows:

DT: MIDI 1-8
DN: MIDI 9-12
OT: tracks 1, 3, 5 and 7 are MIDI 13-16

Since there are only 16 channels in MIDI, I believe I can’t control all tracks on the OT, but maybe I’m missing something that would allow me to have control over those tracks as well, like a device that does some MIDI magic, or some configuration I’m not thinking of. Any ideas ?

very interested in the MX12 mostly for max patches (audio and video); but would the MX12 work with an Ipad? MX12->usb->cck->Ipad ?? would probably need to power the MX12 externally…

MX12/PC12 work with iPad too (powered by iPad)


The PC4 should work as a smaller alternative to the MX12 or PC12, right? I can’t fathom lugging another Elektron sized box with me for live gigs, and have a PC4 lying around somewhere…

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Yes it does. Just needs some Love.



“some love”?

I meant that it needs to get configured with Love.