New FADERFOX MIDI controller system for ELEKTRON devices (12-track-design for ANALOG RYTM)


most likely yes - but contact mathias directly, he is very easy going and knows so much.


The MX-12 works very well with the Octatrack (and the Analog Four … and everything else I have). I am not sure why advertises it for the Rytm (which I do not use it for). It is a superb device. I have two and its a super piece of equipment - controlling all my synths and the OT. I was in the beginning too stupid to understand the programming but Matthias helped right away. (It turns out the programming, for any device, is super easy, it really was me, the problem). Highly recommended.


Sounds great and very flexible. Especially being able to save scenes as well. Apply effect then remove them
What octatrack mapping’s have you done ? Do you assign each pot or fader to a midi channel or is it done by bank ?


Not sure what you mean with scenes (I just have one setup set up). The MX-12 controls anything that does Midi. I control the level of the Ot tracks and various other synths. For some machines I use the knobs to cc control things that are „out of reach“.


Each track has a midi channel, so each fader on the MX is linked to the corresponding track/channel on the OT.


Care to share how to hack it to get track levels instead?


Yes setup. Is what I meant by scene.
It looked like you can use it like octatrack scene mode. So apply effects on real time then recover back to original state.
Eg you have default as 1 setup , then you can make adjustments like adding an effect on for some tracks then remove it all in 1 go by going back to default setup.


Did it for you-

Just update with that firmware…


Super great - fantastic work, I’m extremely grateful!


Yup makes the OK so much better for the way i use it. it was really just sitting not getting used until i did this…enjoy


Hi dude !
Are you now a good friend/brother to this machine ?

Is the rec arm working with a green button ?

Thank you :slight_smile:


What is this rack Sir ? :slight_smile:


The Faderfox MX -12 works fine with AR mk2?


Sure, it will. It will work with almost anything. I don‘t use it with the AR but control with the faders the levels of various synths and with the knobs various other parametets, performance macros etc. The thing is pretty much universal. It comes with templates, incl the AR, I think, but after carefully reading the instructions, the value of the Faderfox machines lies in the ability to do whatever you like, on virtually any machine.


Hi @faderfox , Can you control Rytm performance parameters with the MX12 faders?


Yes you can. The performance parameters are controllable via Midi CC, so you can basically use any midi controller for it. So also MX12 :slight_smile:


Nice one @flocked, good to know.


Im slowly thinking about eventually buying a PC12 controller this summer. But Im wondering in practice, how do you do to remember which knobs is controlling what parameters ?

Has anyone tried to to design overlay for an hardware controller such as the PC12 ? If so, which software did you use ? Is is there any online service to print the overlay and to cut the hole for the knobs ?
Im thinking about something like that :

Im really curious about this :slight_smile:


I have a specail double side overlay for the PC12, please have a look here:


I Very happy UC4 User here!

This sounds great. I have some input if you don’t mind listening.

1:) XY joystick, I feel like there is a gaping hole in the midi controller market and that is the XY joystick.
I know that you had one on one of your earlier micro modules. Is there some sort of difficulty with adding this function? Or why did you not continue having them on your controllers?

2:) assigning several functions to one control. I.e 1 midi cc message over several midi channels or several midi cc’s over one midi channel or both.
The only midi controller that has this function is the knobs and XY pad on the korg Padkontrol, this is a great performance function on that device.
Maybe have it on a XY joystick?

EDIT: just saw that this device was already released :smile:

Still I wouldn’t mind an answer for my questions, might be something to consider for a future device?