New FADERFOX MIDI controller system for ELEKTRON devices (12-track-design for ANALOG RYTM)


I have to move the fader. Then it jumps to value of controller position.

My work around is to save my parts with all the volumes down. Then when I change kits/patterns I have all the faders down (end of previous kit jam).

A quick reload part on OT and Im ready to jam the next pattern. On Rytm (and pehaps A4) there is an option to reload kit upon change or something like that that would make this workaround work well for you with faderfox I recon.

Just save kit with all volumes at zero, end your previous jam with faders all down, switch kit, then fade up as you wish :wink:


Yes this would rock if elektron could implement it. Id love the elektrons to ignore cc value until it hit the current position to avoid these jumps.

Your “fader mute” function is nice :ok_hand:

Please explain this feature.


@s3kn0tr0n1c T h a n k Y o u :sunglasses:


interestingly the Nord Lead 4 has no “Knob Value Pickup” function, although the Nord Lead 2 very surely offered this valuable midi option. Quite a simple yet vital option imho.


snap function on MX12 and PC12 works like you would expect:
you must catch the current value by moving the pot before the pot sends data out again.


this makes sense after changing setups on the device or you get feedback data from the external machines by moving the knobs there


Will “snap function” or “know value pickup” work with Waldorf pulse 2? The manual (page 41 and 42) claims that CC and Sysex are sent.

Or will there be jumps?


not sure if the waldorf pulse 2 send out all parameters by CCs after changing presets.
that would be necessary to avoid value jumps.
I recommend to check it out with a midi monitor.
pay attention that MX12 & PC12 works NOT with sysex parameter dumps


So does OT do this as default but not the other Elektrons (AR, A4)?

Must be a lot of data getting sent at once when you change part(im assuming part).


on OT you can request a CC dump by a special CC command.
I haven’t checked but I can read it in the manual.
maybe other users have any experiences on this.


Nice one…Hopefully other elektrons follow suit. Im quite interested in faderfox down the line for AR once I’ve got few other boxes first…Defo looks the best controller for AR.

Happy with the oktakontrol for OT now that I’ve modded it to work with Track levels and not Amp level but fader fox on AR would be a good friend. :wink:



I can confirm that neither Waldorf Pulse 2, nor DSI Evolver desktop, send a complete CC dumb when presets are changed. Hence, the only way forward would be if sysex was implemented.

How probable is it that you implement Sysex? Your controller would be the ultimate complement of the desktop synths I believe. I would then create “synth label papers” to put over the nobs . :slight_smile:


I think about sysex but currently I haven’t the time to implement it…hope to get it next year…


Will there be “jumps” for Ableton live volume faders and sends as well as parameters on VST-synths?


no jumps for all ableton parameters like volume, sends etc.
VST parameters are different, I recommed to map them in abletons device.
then they will send feedback data too which can be used to avoid value jumps


Any nauts using a PC12 for their AK, AR, or Reaktor 6 yet?


There’s is a good run down of the PC12 on loopop youtube channel:


Yea I saw that already. Good vid. I’ll read the manual too. It looks like a promising controller for AK/AR/battery4/reaktor 6.


I highly recommend it! I use it with my rytm daily and Mathias is super nice to deal with.


Hi, I’d really like a midi controller for my octatrack. Very tempted by the mx12
Can I assign faders and the pots in each bank to different midi channels.
Eg 8 columns for the octatrack on channels 1-8 to cover off each track and the remaining 4 to a synth or ableton on Channel 9 ?
What is really love is a controller that also had drum pads built in.