New Eventide H90 pedal

Looks like a hint of a dual H9 on the teaser


Where is it?

Yea, looks like dual H9, indeed.

I was hoping for a Mangledverb in the new compact format, but this could be real cool too.

Also, the date is 11-9… ahem, H-9


Thanks @AdamJay!

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Hope it’s not just two H9s in one unit but they do something more like upgrade the looper and have it always available rather than consuming one of the (two) slots. Some extra knobs and switches would also be welcome (I still prefer the -factor pedal design over the H9).

If my four year old iPhone can handle a multitude of Eventide plugins simultaneously then surely an upgraded H9 can run two algorithms plus looper…

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Makes sense with the dual H9’s…

You could slave a second H9 core to another H9… so it looks like they ARE EVOLVING!

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And I thought I’d stopped buying guitar pedals.


or maybe dual double h9? So 4 x H9?

Because it says H/9/22 :wink:

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A shame so few people will get the joke :sweat_smile:


Yep, not everybody was born before 99.

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New stuff.

  • Preloaded with 62 effect algorithms:
    • 10 new effects algorithms: Polyphony, Prism Shift, Bouquet Delay, Head Space, Weedwacker, Even-vibe, Wormhole, Instant Flanger, Instant Phaser, and SP2016 Reverb
  • Includes all 52 effect algorithms from the H9 Max Harmonizer with enhanced features
  • New low-latency polyphonic pitch shift with SIFT (Spectral Instantaneous Frequency Tracking) technology
  • ARM-based architecture lays the foundation for new and exciting creative effects
  • Use two algorithms at once per program
  • True spillover between programs
  • Effects routed in series or parallel
  • Instrument or line level operation
  • Two mono inserts or one stereo insert can be placed anywhere in the signal chain
  • Dual mode to process two independent stereo signals at the same time
  • Five knobs for more tactile control
  • Two expression inputs for pedals, up to 3-button aux switches, and CV signals
  • Use H90 Control software to edit programs, create rosters, and update firmware on a Mac or PC

source: New Eventide H90 Harmonizer | The Gear Page

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I really hope they update their software/mobile app. The H9 editor is super clunky, but we all put up with it for the results.


Yup. I was noticing it was not mentioned in the above… :thinking:

  • Use H90 Control software to edit programs, create rosters, and update firmware on a Mac or PC

I assumed this was a new app. :crossed_fingers:

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I hope so. Only Mac and PC mentioned. I hope iOS is still supported.

With more knobs and a not-dumb display, it might be a muuuuuch nicer experience than the H9.