New EP - Headache Techno Vol.3

Been dropping some bangers lately with the DFAM, Quad Swarm, OT, Lyra and Modular, makes sense to use them for a bit of the old internet busking…


Being the dick that I am, I bought it. I hope it makes you feel good. It sure makes me feel good anyway. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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at least offer some ibuprofen or paracetamol for each download.

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It squeezes the inside of my head.

Very well done Sir.

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What a knob, you know most of its on my YouTube for free, don’t you?

I’ve always preferred amphetamines for this kind of shit, but whatever floats your boat…

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You’re giving away my whole technique, dude.


Jeez that’s heavy.

You’re not helping my GAS at all. I already suspected I needed a Lyra and a Swarm.

Excellent work on the tunes. Will promote to my Bangface crew.

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Your suspicions are accurate.

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Wow, that is brutal. Legitimately felt my temples pulsing. And that was just through my phone speaker. Bravo!

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