New Elektron desk stand


Just received mine in the states today. Fantastic piece of kit! Very well made and the finish(matte black, just like the Analog Four/Analog RYTM) matches perfectly as if an OEM accessory. Highly recommended for those using an Elektron instrument on the desktop.

Here’s my Analog Four looking great next to the Sub 37!


Can anyone confirm yet that the PL-1 dust covers fit over the top when these stands are connected to the Elektrons?


New desk stand design, now accepts Electron PL-2 Protective lid, check pictures.

[font=Calibri","sans-serif]Available online at Future Beat Music link below.

Futurebeat Music - Elektron Stands



Anyone know the difference between PL-1 and PL-2 covers?


PL-1 covers were designed for the Octatrack, MD’s & MnM, PL-2 covers designed to fit full range.


Elektron 2 unit desk stands also available. info in FS forum link below.



These stands now avaliable online from Future Beat Music

Futurebeat Music - Elektron Stands

And now also on Ebay

Elektron Stands


Got my “future beat music” stands for my A4 and AR today.

High quality and very sturdy. :+1:


Glad your happy with them :slight_smile: :+1:


do you do custom work?


I would need more details for the type of custom work needed ?.


Ordered one of the 2-machine stands on Sunday. Hope it comes soon!


Hi Michael

It was shipped yesterday, should arrive within the next 2-3 day. enjoy :slight_smile:

Kind regards



Just arrived, so I’m looking forward to putting it together later. :slight_smile:


Excellent that was a quick delivery :slight_smile: :+1:




It’s great!

(Btw, what are the 4 little rubber circles that were also included for, exactly?)


Think I will have 2 off you :slight_smile: I dunno whether to go for two or the double stand… ahhhh


Double would be great for on stage but side by side for studio use I reckon.


Hi Michael

Looking good :slight_smile: , The four clear rubber round feet are for placing on the bottom of the stands, to stop stands slipping or sliding on extra smooth surfaces.



Your correct , It also depends on your desktop space in the studio, if limited to a small area the 2 Unit Stand works best. I currently use 0ne double unit stand and two single unit stands for my setup.