New Elektron desk stand


Professionally manufactured Elektron desk stands made from 18 gauge mild steel and matt black powder coated finish to match current spec of Analog Rytm, Octatrack, A4… available soon.
check out prototype and finished pictures below.
Let me know if you’re interested, can deliver worldwide from the UK.


Desktop stand that is not end cheeks?
Elektron related gear (stands, controllers, hardware, software)
FS (UK) New Elektron desk stand

Nice, PL-1 compliant?


Each side of the stands are made form 18 gauge mild steel which is only 1.2mm thick. You will need to check the clearence with your current cover protector.




Price for desk stand is £35.00 GBP + Shipping.

Will have shipping prices [font=Calibri","sans-serif]available soon.


Elektron desk stand shipping prices =

UK = £4.50 GBP
Europe = £6.00 GBP
Rest Of World = £8.50 GBP


These Elektron stands now avaliable online, check link below.

Futurebeat Music - Elektron Stands


looks great!
If I could make two recommendations:
-cut it a little short so that we can add the PL-1/2 lid
-Add grippy feet/rubber pad

looks good tho!!


Thanks Biologik,

Stands come with 4 round 1.5mm thick transparent rubber grippy pads. which makes unit very stable on desktops. can’t see what would stop the PL-1/2lids from fitting with these stands will need to investigate further. Will consider your suggestion for PL-1/2lid in future design if there is an issue.



copped these and they just arrived here in the States… very well made u wont be disappointed.


Great stuff, mate! Very professional.


Nice one!


While playing live, I use my OT and my AF over two MOTU Ultra Lite Audio interfaces.

I did take a more rustically approach with wood and velcro :slight_smile:

Now that is stage proved, next step will be a 3D print :wink:


Thanks Cuckoo, Glad you like the design & quality of the stands. :slight_smile:


Hi Jaxx, Thank you for letting others know the stands are very well made much appperciated.

It’s also nice to know you received them all ok from the UK.



Anotther pic showiing the stands design, also [font=Calibri","sans-serif]compatible with the Monomachine.

Available online at Future Beat Music link below.

Futurebeat Music - Elektron Stands


Just got a set delievered for my Rytm. Really well made and very smart looking. Highly recommended.


Exactly which of the Elektron range are these compatible with?


Hi Benersfood

Stands are compatable with Analog Rtym, Octatrak, Analog Four, Monomachine and Machinedrum…