New Elektron Box 2016


Today one of the most famous music instruments shop in my country is selling the octatrack with a massive 21% off the original price of 1369€, don’t know why. is selling it at 1258€ instead of 1399, but I’m not sure if it’s temporary or it was always like that.

But maybe it’s just me dreaming of a new Elektron sampler…:confused:


looks like a sampler with Karplus–Strong string synthesis


I’m thinking effect box.


video synth?


Looper/FX box I reckon.


Electro acoustic machine

Like the illuminist garden





The video definitely implies a mixer / FX box with sampling.


Fizicle modelin


Clearly, they are pre-empting the AppleCar.


That video has killed any excitement I may have had!
Glad, I’m boracic lint…


I don’t think sampling, and probably no sequencer


Yep, prob some fx box with SOMETHING


a multi-FX device for the road-tripping psychedelic guitarist?
hmmmmmm… ok


Well, that was helpful.


All the clues points toward a hype-machine. Maybe even a p-lockable hype-machine.


What I see in the vid is some kind of guitarsynth like the boss effect units. You can make a synthsound of anything, and that with tweakability, wow. I’m gonna save my money for it!


Maybe it’s a random promo video generator.


Yes, of course analog.


that I could get behind! but not gonna happen imo. this stuff is best done on one (or more) computers with tons of RAM and big GPUs. graphics is one of these things where more computer = better.

analog video synth though? would be pretty cool, but is there a real market for that…?