New Elektron Box 2016



I also think ist a Kind of MX-1. Something to connect all Elektron gear. Or a perfect Hardware sequencer, with 4 Midi and 4 CV/Gate Outputs, microtiming for the whole track to get everything perfect in sync (like Multiclock or ACME-4), external transpose of all tracks. Maybe a mix of MX-1 and Sequencer.

looking foreward to it…


A mixer would be nice with lots of midi in and out, audio input, eq, a general sequencer with microtiming would be nice too! With a usb audio interface to record all this with overbridge!

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Yeah, something that acts as a Overbridge host sounds likely to me as well. A mixer/recorder thingamabob with effects and video synthesis would be my dream machine, but whatever it is, I bet it is something I will want to own.

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Seeing as Elektron has no entry level instrument, the threshold for investing in just one box is quite steep in both of money and devotion, it wouldn’t surprise me if they released a family of neutrons, like three boxes that together allowed for seriously solid jamming. Like the original Volcas. They’d be a solid gateway to Elektron’s family and if done right - which they will be, given the developer - find a place of their own even in more complex rigs. So no derivates or digest versions of the Dark Trinity, but something else.

It’d have to appeal to their current crowd, but also attract a new one, which in the end I believe is what they’re after - to widen the audience and remain faithful to their current ones. That’s how you grow a herd.


Uh uh!! finally here the speculating game for new Elektron products! I always find this topic fun!
I nailed the OT and the A4,… did not expect the AR,…but now make sense.
Mmmmh… whats next.
It might actually be a machine ore “module” that does not generate sound itself:
it could be an advanced step sequencer (midi and CV)
or a mixer arranger
or an FX unit…
but probably a mix of all the above!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
and it should be (obviously) Elektron gear friendly (sort of a master machine) as well as a bridge to other gear and modular system. Probably not recording capability.
It would make a really good unit… but will it be OverBridge friendly? probably yes for midi and sync and backup programs.
Elektron always develop their machines with live performance ascetics and so, this master machine will be super useful as well as fun (and complicated!!).
Will see…


I would absolutely love an OT MkII, but if I can’t have that, then a mixer which doubles as a sweet FX box would be excellent.


I think it’s something small, and even portable?
I also think Elektron has to invest in making a system on a completely new, low powered, chipset, on which they can build many future, slimmer form factor, machines. I expect a lot of R&D has to be put into this.

Looking at the Volcas, Pocket Operators and other small boxes, one could definitely say that they all lack the Elektron depth. Project handling, versatility etc. I think if Elektron brought their depth and sound expertise to a portable form factor, they’d have the upper hand.

But what would it be? Would it do one thing, or many things?
Since the representatives have been quoted saying:

… to me it suggests that it’s a stand alone product, rather than something that interfaces with the current Elektron boxes. So no mixer, or add-on. I think it’s a little synth something.

I know that @Dataline himself is very very fond of lo-fi granular stuff :wink: Looking at the love he shares for the Microgranny it’s obvious. So if he’s had any say in this, a small granular could be a first mini device for Elektron, to try out a new platform.


Wish I knew whether or not it was a mixer, since I’m considering an A&H QU.

The Analog Rytm and Octatrack must have a baby…


So true ! :scream:

If it’s different from whatever they’ve done so far, my guess is an OB enabled mixer with FX and MIDI routing much like the Qu (does the Qu do midi?) that will play well with other OB boxes (routing any hardware through it to the analog filters and out again as a kind of Bus but not, for example).

If not different, digital insanity with analog path.

EDIT : plus sequencer, why the OB boxes don’t have it

I also think it will be something to do with overbridge… I also would like to see something like the roland mx-1…

Speculative speculation is speculatory.
“Legit Rumor” = still hearsay.

And what makes you think a box would come in 2016 and not 2017?


The Dark Quaternity

:3lektron: :3lektron: :3lektron: :3lektron:


Whatever it is, we need to start a feature request thread ASAP


Ha ha ha…

I think that this is an important point. I’m sure that the company wants to grow, but are they being asked to grow market share (with cheaper instruments that might reduce profit margins) or increase profits (more products at the same price level as before). The latter might be easier to handle.

Didn’t they already do that? Presumably this would be a re-booted Tokyo office.

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