New Blackhole pedal from Eventide


Ooooh nice.

Looks like stereo in and out :slight_smile:


…and multiple algos and presets! Like an affordable H9.

serious contender for my next pedal that

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Blackhole seems to be a popular reverb. I’ll be looking forward to some demos. Oddly, it kinda looks like a relabeled Meris pedal. Nice price too.

Funnily enough I was thinking of revisiting the Meris Mercury so this is good timing

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Stereo, switchable for line level - pretty nice. “Old” tech for Eventide but at that price it’s clearly aimed at stealing some sales back from Meris and Strymon.

Any idea of prices in EU? Around 300€ I guess?

Probably less, it’s 280$.

Hope so, even though we know how that $>€ conversion works… and most of the time we end up loosing :man_facepalming:t3:

Very cool pedal. Space is the place!

So this is the Blackhole algorithm of the Space Pedal? Anything new?

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319€ on a spanish store…

I guess they are trying to compete with meris and strymon… lets see if any synth demo shows up

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As far as I can tell, yeah, it’s just the existing Blackhole algorithm from the Space / H9 / VST.

I reckon this is firmly aimed at the pedalboard market. Smaller and cheaper than the Space/Factor format stompboxes but has the hands on controls that the H9 lacks.


Blackhole is arguably their most popular algorithm. So I can see picking one of these up if you have something like the H9. That way you can get your Blackhole going, and the H9 would be free’d up for other things. Or…Blackhole into Blackhole :dizzy_face:

I am sort of surprised it took them this long to break out the Blackhole.

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I predict more algorithms will get their own pedal.
I’m very happy with iOS versions so I’ll stick with those.

I’d just like to point out that this was announced on “Tuesday”.


Who’s the Copycat?

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