New Arturia synths?

Seems to have pricing for just the OB-xa then separate price for collection v7 & Ob-xa

OT owners are always happy…even without anything plugged in :grin:


5 minutes left

So, 49US$ for V7 owners

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It’s a bit of a cheeky move adding a single ‘copy’ synth outwith their standard collection approach - you can imagine it was destined for V8 but they don’t have the extra 2 synths ready yet ? - so it may be bundled in V8 eventually - seems at odds with their usual policy - is it also a way to offset some of Behringer’s moves in this area

early adoption with arturia isn’t a prudent move, patience is usually best - i skipped v7 awaiting the same upgrade price for (eventually) v8 or maybe v9 but this may now not happen

their other Oberheim stuff is fairly good mind you, the real stuff must be epic


Right. I was thinking that too.

I suppose they’ve been trying to branch out from their standard collection model to see individual synths starting with Pigments?

Obviously the better approach is to lure them in with the V and then sell them synth by synth.

I’ll wait for the possible upgrade. I’ve got more than enough synth plugins already

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indeed, most of us do

to be fair, maybe they need cash flow or dev time given covid etc - but as sure as night follows day the synth will be in a bundle

i’ve been bitten too many times being one of their early adopters - you learn and normally by BlackFri you’ll see a tempting competitive promo if you can’t get by with 20 minute demos for now :wink:


a little tempted by the $300 V Collection + OBXa
I’ve been stocking up on NKS compatible VSTi lately, as i really do appreciate the unified setup in Komplete Kontrol. I was considering updating my Komplete Select to Komplete 12 at the 50% off summer sale upcoming, for $200. But this Arturia bundle might be smarter.

That said, I really wish this OBXa was NKS :frowning:

Or perhaps it is and they have omitted it?, they haven’t exactly been easy to read on NKS support. Lots of mixed signals:
They’ve advertised full support of the collection since V 7.1
and yet on the current V Collection 7 product page, it mentions (NKS for all except Analog Lab,Mellotron V, Synthi V, CZ V and B-3 V)
and to make matters more murky, the Buchla Easel V doesn’t list NKS support on its product page.

They sure don’t make it easy to know what does and does not have NKS support.
Can anyone confirm the NKS support through the rest of the V Collection?

heh, to make matters even murkier, I found a google cached OB XA product page that lists NKS, but the live page does not.


i own both and use both fairly evenly with my production lately.
i wouldn’t count out komplete 12 just yet.
kontakt full version stand alone is 200$ so you’re getting a hefty amount just by upgrading.
been exploring Komplete 12 recently as ive had arturia v collection first and k12 has some really nice effect plugins, lots which i have overlooked before.
haven’t really used massive x much but they just recently released their first preset expansion pack so that’s cool.
not to mention reaktor.
there’s value to be had with both for sure.
one has more diversity being k12 and the other v collection is heavy in the synths.
if i had already a couple u-he plugins before purchasing either i would of chose k12.
2 cents.

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So I already have Reaktor, Massive, Massive X, an old version of Kontakt, Molekular, and some others.

But you do make good points, perhaps i’ll just get both V7 w/ OB XA ($300) and Komplete 12 upgrade ($200 at sale)
instead of another option i was considering: Komplete 12 Ultimate upgrade ($500 at sale)

Demoing some of the Arturia plug-ins now. Some good stuff.

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Do these new versions of VSTs really sound much different or is it just a way to keep selling you the same thing every few years?

Sound is usually a given. Usability and workflow are another matter.

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saw you mention u-he, @pgrm.woof, and didn’t see it with my last reply.

yea i also already have repro, ace, and zebra 2. Love that they work in Komplete Kontrol. Found someone on the NI forum that made NKS of the ace library, and it’s great having it in Komplete Kontrol.

Basically Komplete Kontrol has become my main VSTi, and the more I can stack into it the happier I am. DSP appeals to me more than larger kontakt sample based libraries, as i already have quite a bit of sample based content that works well in Kontakt player.

One of the reasons I wanted to go ahead and get K12 during the sale is just to upgrade the license on discount and maybe spread out the cost now of a larger update during the 2021 sale once K13 Ultimate is available. So yea, will probably end up with both after all :slight_smile:

and to get the thread back on track, I can confirm via the OB XA V demo: no NKS :frowning:

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so how are people liking the ob-xa ?

does it make a valuable addition to owners already of the v-collection ?

or does it seem like the sound & functions/features blends too much similarities with others in the lineup.

I think it sounds solid. I don’t think anyone is going to be selling off their hardware because of it, though. It very much captures the OB sound. To what degree specifically, I can’t say, but don’t we end up washing it all with chorus and reverb anyway? :wink:

Perhaps some cross over with the SEM V, but I think they’re different enough that it’s worth paying a little more to have both. The beauty of software is $50 can be worth it, even with some overlap. It depends on what you want out of it and what you want to put your money toward.

I’ve always thought of the software workflow as one that greatly benefits from preset browsing and then modifying to taste, since it is less tactile. Similar to a sample based “crate dig” workflow, but with more flexibility in bending the sound at your will.
So in that regard, 400+ Oberheimey presets for $50 could be a big value for many people.

I demo’d it for an hour last night, plus some others in the V collection before buying. Impressed with how Arturia has improved their user interfaces. The glitches I remember from a few years ago are gone, and being able to resize the GUI with key commands is a feature I wish every VSTi had.
Turns out I had a previous license (an old MinimoogV Original freebie) that gave me a cross grade offer of $250 USD for V7+OB Xa. And that was a deal I couldn’t pass up, especially thanks to so much of it being NKS compatible. I’ll give the OB Xa more time once the NKS is ready.


Personally I really liked the sound of it and vibes :slight_smile:
I don’t know how I will use it later, with all the added modern features, but now It made me go old school way)

Didn’t realise they had this offer with the OB Xa launch. Quite tempting when you can spread the cost over 4 months too.

Might give some demos a whirl over the weekend.

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I’m enjoying it. Making a default MIDI config for it is helping me with my “no NKS!?” gripes.

Had been wanting an OB-16 for a while, but I think for my uses, this VSTi and the NI M32 are a more sensible combo.

That said, if you’re a real fan of the OB sound, this Samples From Mars OB-S pack is really quite good, and it is hard to beat the price.

Sure, it’s only 42 patches (snicker) but all killer, no filler.

So FIVE months later … Did this egg ever hatch, or is it egg on face ?


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It might not sound exactly like a hardware OB-Xa, but Arturia’s OB-Xa V, with its graphic modulator (love it on subtle pitch mod) and FX section has become a favorite poly synth of mine.

Sometimes I pick a minor key to manually input notes into the Pro 2 sequencer, add loads of ties, rests, and just let it play MIDI back into the OB-Xa V.
Record the MIDI in Live. Find some gems, fine tune the long phrases. Extend, subtract.
Rarely disappointed with this workflow and final product of the sound.

Might sell the rest of my V collection before the next update, since m OB-Xa V was a separate product.