New Ambient / Experimental EP

Hi friends! I wanted to share this short EP I just released today
Heavy use of iPad (mostly Samplr, also RE-1), some Digitakt on track 3.
Post production on Ableton Live.
Hope you enjoy!


very nice!!!

this made me look into this samplr and RE-1. looks really interesting. how do you use those 2 apps together?

tbh I don’t… track 1 is straight up a stereo mix of a Samplr jam, although with a few cuts and edits, more towards the end…
track 2 was sort of a collage from another jam, also from Samplr.
and track 3 was mostly RE-1, I fed some sounds on it while on overdub mode, then proceeded to play around with it… oh! and I forgot to mention I also used AH on this one, wich was also recorded live in one take (except for the muted kickdrum wich was added later, played by hand, from the DT), with a few cuts in post to shorten it a bit.

thanks for listening!

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