New ambient/abstract guitar/Mood

Hi all,
Very pleased to present this sculpture of sorts. Enjoy!


A link that actually works:


Very nice!

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Nice. Are you playing live or sampling and tweaking?

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This was really awesome from start to finish. Nice clean recording too.

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Thanks, Francis.

This is mostly live loops + overdubs (guitar only, through my pedalboard with the CBA Mood attached at the end), plus some editing in the sequencer for flow/composition.

I’ve setup a path for guitar into octatrack:
Guitar into fulltone ABY:
A is infinity looper with ch 1 into superego
And ch2 into superego+

Fulltone B goes to my guitar amp.
From the pedals I have 4 outputs, 2 from the loopers and 2 from the superego pedals so into ABCD on OT.

Then the OT and guitar go to mixer.
Will be recording soon, should be fun.

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Thanks for elaborating! Have you got any videos online showing how that works/translates into music?

That might be incredibly boring. But I’ll give it a try. I’ve been doing some filming and field recording and maybe could do something like that. The field recordings are of my wife playing harp in locations in Iceland. My YouTube channel has them under francis walker, they’re very chill. I’ve then been sampling the harp to create more abstract pieces. Maybe I can film that. Cheers

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Lush harp vibes!

Yes; would be great if you post video and/or audio of your sound work!

I have two albums on bandcamp

Incedental music for abandoned space stations

Various aspects of spaceflight


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Thanks Francis, will check them out!

I like your releases, they work really well with the overarching theme/concept!

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Thanks for listening!