New A4 crashing

What is this all about. happening too often for my liking

Do you have the latest OS installed on A4? The latest one is 1.21B. Check

yes i updated it as soon as I got the A4 three days ago.

I’ve never seen that before.
I’ve had my A4 for a about a year now.

Did you buy yours new or used?
I would contact Elektron Support.

brand new three days old. I have a feeling this is either an overheating issue or an over bridge issue. I had it connected to macbook pro running logic x and using the a4 as an external sound card to play some pads from a software instrument along with jamming with RYTM and A4. I am running the audio outs of the rhythm into the A4 as well. Today I used it for 3 hours without logic and no issue. Also I spread the A4 and RYTM apart an inch to give some breathing room for the vents. I opened a ticket with Electron anyway so I hope to get an answer as to what that error code means.

did it again. Not connected to Logic and plenty of breathing space. Seems to happen if I leave the box on and walk away for 20 minutes. weird.

Contact Elektron

This is a hardware problem:

Contact Elektron support immediately.

Thanks Peter. I had found the second forum topic but not the first one which sounds like the issue I am having. I sent a ticket to Electron and they got back to me right away with an acknowledgement they are looking into it. Since its only a few days old I sent a request for exchange with the retailer. Things happen. I can’t wait o get rolling again with this machine.

Did you hear back about your issue? I’m having the same one (my error message changes slightly but happens pretty often.)
I’m really hoping to find out what I need to do before I travel for christmas…
FWIW I upgraded to 1.21c and its still happening.

it appears to be an overheating problem for me which can happen to any piece of electronics. They were quick to get back to me to work through the issues but my music shop said they would exchange it so I’m just going to do that before my 30 day return window is up…

Thanks for the quick reply UkeeSoul! I’ll likely end up going through Elektron for this, hopefully it’ll be quick, I really want to get into this synth.