Nerdseq vs Amiga with tracker?

So I have been working on putting together a “Rackmount groovebox/station” (basically a single 19" rackmount case fully capable of producing songs). I am trying to decide on the sequencer I want to run in it, I could use the digitakt I already have but I kind of like the idea of a full tracker work flow for this project. I’ve seen some stuff about the Nerdseq and it has a little midi/gamecontroller add on, I could get a 19inch rack mount eurocase for this and then add in a few other useful modules and use this to be the master sequencer for the full rack. I have also seen that the Mister FPGA can run as an Amiga and has the ability to do midi out. I could build a little rack drawer that had a keyboard tiny monitor and mister FPGA…

So now to the questions does anyone here yet have any experience with the Nerdseq? it seems quite capable and maybe a bit better for improvisation than the Amiga trackers? I’m not super familiar with all the trackers for Amiga are there ones that some one would consider more preform-able?

I know kind of a weird like of questions and thoughts but there is something fun about the idea of a giant rackmount groove station.

a gif for your troubles


I have never used the Nerdseq.

Now to choose between the Nerdseq and an amiga tracker : I think it is really depend what kind of I/O you need. The Nerdseq seems to make more sense of if you need CV I/O.
But if it is for midi only, i would probably choose a real tracker instead of the NerdSeq. It would be more flexible to compose full song and the nerdseq screen seems to be really tiny.

On Amiga, you can try Digibooster or octamed (which looks prehistoric but does the job). On linux renoise is a full featured tracker.

Yeah I see what you mean, CV isn’t needed but I do have a system 1m in my rack and I always think it sounds better playing it with CV vs midi. Not entirely sure why though.

I suppose I should spend some time with octamed before deciding which direction to go in… it seems like the one that might fit my needs the most.

getting NerdSEQ is a great idea , but only if you have a euro rig. Definitely think about renoise instead unless you want to come to the euro(dark/broke) side

Yes I think it is wiser to start to use either Octamed / digibooster (on amiga) or renoise on Linux/win/macOS.
It the easiest and cheapest option to test :slight_smile: Im curious to hear your feedback if you choose the amiga road :slight_smile: