Negative Fascination - somber electronics radio show on Pigalle Paris Radio


@loa (of synth-punk’s Leroy Se Meurt fame) and I are starting a new radio show on Pigalle Paris Radio (also host of my ambient/dubby explorations as Canapé Cosmique) called Negative Fascination.

As the name suggest it’s an ode to our shared love of somber electronics, early industrial music, deep techno, darkwave & co…

In the #1 episode you’ll find tracks by Regis, Coil, November Növelet, Mika Vaino, Mike Parker etc…

We’ll try our best to make it bi-monthly, enjoy !


yes!!! awesome. i dig it. also Paris. <3 j’adore


Thank you :slight_smile:

Glad you like it, stay tuned for the next episode !

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Somber electronics for dark times as we dive head first into our second confinement of the year : episode #2 of Negative Fascination is out.


Negative Fascination #03 is up ! A certain Ratio, Regis, Skinny Puppy, Vril, Luke Slater etc…

The tracklist is in the mixcloud description.


Cool! Keep m coming!

Didn t find the tracklist though. Do i need the mixcloud app for that?

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I just realised the tracklist seems to only show up on the computer. On a phone it’s a stupid “premium” feature you have to pay for :weary:

Here’s the tracklist for #03 :

And you’re in luck since #04 is up as of right now :slight_smile:


Nice one again!

Small note: i find many of the 80s/wave style tracks quite happy actually, not dark :smile:

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Lol @ les enfants :laughing:


Just started listening to these and I’m loving it - some really great stuff to discover here!
Thanks for sharing @tumulishroomaroom :pray:t3:

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Indeed a good chunk of them are quite danceable :slight_smile:

@jasl you’re welcome and thank you !

Episode #5 is now up !
It takes us a bit longer to make these among the different lockdowns & curfews but we’re still trying to roll out one episode a month. New in this one : hear our sweet, sweet voices.

Negative Fascination #5

Here’s the playlist for that one :