Need some advice for vocals in a song

I’ve never really added vocals to my songs before. But right now I’m working on an epic futuristic song. I’m wanted to added vocals, more of a medium to tell the story.

It’s not going to be singing, mostly spoken work. Not alot of spoken word, just one two three words per line (that happen every so often to move the story on). I’m not sure if I have a good voice on recording or not… and I don’t really have any material to compare to on how I want the vocals to sound (go give you folks a better idea on what I want). But I guess I want to sound like it’s comming through an old speaker you might find in a prison camp. I will be sampling my voice and making the bits one-shots on my sampler.

Any suggestions on how I would add or transform my voice? It doesn’t have to be pertaining to my idea, but that would help. I’d like to see how others do this?

Tips and guidance appreciated.

Fun! Distortion then band pass filter, resample. Then LFO the pitch fast but subtle resample. LFO the pitch slowly short reverb resample. Then distort and band pass filter again. Man you can go to town on this sort of thing. Get creative! Have fun with it!