Need help with chaining patterns on Model Samples

The unit doesn’t allow me to chain patterns properly, when I chain lets say 2 patterns and each pattern is 64 steps long, in playback the Model Samples plays only the first 16 steps of each pattern.

I saw and another guy on reddit to complain about the same issue, so I’m just wondering if my unit is defective, or this is how the sequencer works.

do you maybe have your CHG length set to 16?


Thank you very much, I putted the Chg to 64, instead of 16 which was by default, for both of my patterns and now it works! Thanks again.

As far as I understand right now, this Chg function allows you to set how many times bars of each pattern will be repeated in the chain mode. IMO this is a nice addition, but in the beginning was confusing…

Thanks again mate.