Need help setting up Digitone with QueNexus

Recently got a Keith McMillen QueNexus and Midi Expander. I’ve read that you can do a lot of deeper stuff with the QueNexus once you learn it, so I figured it would be choice that would grow with my knowledge base.

However, I straight up can’t get the thing to even send any notes to the Digitone currently and there isnt a lot of information out there on this pair.

Anyone use these two units together? Any information on basic set up would be wonderful.


Presumably you have connected:

  • the QuNexus USB out to the MIDI Expander’s USB A port, and
  • the MIDI Expander’s MIDI Out port to the Digitone’s MIDI In port.


  • set INPUT FROM to “MIDI”, and
  • activate RECEIVE NOTES.

In the Digitone’s GLOBAL SETTINGS > MIDI CONFIG > CHANNELS menu, make a note of the AUTO CHANNEL number; the default value is 10.

In the QuNexus software, find the Keyboard Layer:

  • ensure that MIDI Notes are being output to the Expander,
  • set the MIDI channel number for the Expander to match the Digitone’s AUTO CHANNEL number (see above).

The QuNexus should now be sending MIDI Note messages to whichever is the active track on the Digitone.


Very detailed post there Peter. Do you use the QuNexus yourself?
Does it work well with the midi expander and can you use the various features like pressure with hardware like the Digitone, without software? I want to connect it in the way you described here or actually with OT as midi input (clock) to the expander.

No. Never even seen one.

I assume it does.

You can’t plug qunexus straight into digitone / ot , that’s why u need the expander

You’ll need to configure the nexus via software editor on pc/Mac to correspond with midi cc/ midi channel on digitone ( or use auto channel to work on selected track)

Update - as it’s the keyboard I assume you just select midi channel matching digitone and it’ll work Via expander, assuming it’s powered too

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I guess it should work well with any synth since the special features like tilt etc. just sends midi cc’s. I have ordered the QuNexus so I’ll write my experiences here.

And here’s the damn problem - the midi expander does not pass through the clock signal :man_facepalming:
I can’t believe they missed such a simple and basic feature. This means I can not have OT as master which is just too big of a workflow/setup change. I can see they have other requests for this at their forum so I may write to them and ask if it’ll be added. :roll_eyes: