Need help placing my monitors right

I recently purchased a new pair of monitors that sounds quite nice and decided to give them a proper pair of stands as well.

The problem now is that my tweeters are a bit ahead of my ears level which is not good as far as I know.

I would like to know if there are any ways I could do to angle my monitors a bit down or any other solutions would be nice too.

By stands, what do you mean? In my own quest for good listening, I bought stands, and then learned stands are no good. You’re in a minefield :grimacing:

I purchased the Zaor MIZA V-Stand 42 for my Adam A8X

I have used wall mounts so put the speaker in 2 meter height, then angeld them downwards to fire slightly behind my desk - i did place an extra floor carpet to mitigate reflections from the speakers.

Put them somewhere you can hear them

Edit: With your ears

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Wait… why are stands no good?