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Octatrack users will continue to be very pleased.


so what are the expectations for Elektron? Is a Digitakt mk2 a possibility?

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Is elektron attending this year. Has anyone officially announced their presence yet?

I usually get quite excited about the namm show in expectation of new gear getting announced, rumors, “leaks” etc… Understandably this year is going to be a lot quieter on that front.

I’d love to see a new flagship Elektron box. How about that performance mixer everyone has been asking for years :wink:

I’m still hoping Roland will update their SP sampler range, the 404 sx was underwhelming


OBOT would be great but with the recent black and anniversary editions I can’t see them coming out with a mk3 anytime soon (if ever?)


I think if anything we might see something new in the Model: range from Elektron.


Not even being facetious, but I’d buy a black Model:Samples in heartbeat if it were an option.
I think they’d sell so many black MS and MC


Since Elektron have been repackaging their “flagship” instruments in black cases recently and making a huge deal of it as if they were brand new products, hopefully we can FINALLY get a new Analog Keys MK2. Even if its just the Analog Four Mk2 engine inside of an updated hardware casing of the original Keys.

Of course the dreamer in me hopes for a “deluxe” version with basically 2 analog four engines inside for 8 voices and way more knobs, encoders, etc for more 1:1 controls with less menu diving. You know, to make programming patches on the GUI actually fun and not tedious? :rofl:

If sequential can put out a new Prophet 5 and “deluxe” Prophet 10, the wizards at Elektron certainly can make an Analog Four and Analog Eight in keys format! Wishful thinking, I know… :smile:


I predict it won’t happen due to COVID
And very few manufacturers have had chance to develop new hardware ( that is made elsewhere ) due to difficulties flying around.

If it did actually happen could anyone actually fly there seeing that USA pandemic is out of control ( new waves are hitting many countries ).

Maybe namm 2022 will be back.

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Yeah, the current grey really is quite ugly lol

I guess there is quite alot on the desk and we will be flooded with new gear after this big mess.

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Not sure that’s the term I’d use.


Flooded with gear :wink:

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It’s probably worth editing the original post to use that phrase, I don’t think mods here will allow the language in the original


Namm is cancelled, there is instead an online event called “Believe in Music” that will take place over a week 18 - 25th Jan.

Yeah, doubt we’ll see any major new products


Ok NAMM 2021 is just about a week away do you think we’ll see Ableton Push 3? Will they announce it before the 18th?


do you think people are turned off by the current colors; as in, not buying because of the color? or are you saying they’d sell a bunch of black ones to people who already love 'em but wish they were black?

Could be a mix of both.

Push1 and 2 were announced alongside the major version upgrade, so I am afraid this is a “no”.