NAMM 2019 predictions / releases




Top quality boutique gear then ! It’s the sliders that do it for me lol


For the Rhyming New Product Award, two Eurorack controllers that look like they were channeling each other.

The Buchla 112 Touch Controlled Voltage


The Verbos Mini Horse

I bet this has origin with Don Buchla himself. Mark Verbos has honored Don before by making ideas that were impossible when first thought of, real.


Does anybody else not get excited about ‘no-name’ products, regardless of hype? I always just imagine them breaking down and people stop responding to your emails or something :slight_smile:


Icon Platform Nano

Another small footprint midi DAW controller. The Presonus Atom is a recent release in this arena. This looks like it might be better.

Icon Platform Nano


The Freaky New Arturia AudioFuse Studio



For guitar players, this looks like pretty great, although pricey. Living in the big city, I’ve never been able to own the big powerful amp heads that I’ve always lusted after, and certainly could never crank them. It would be cool to get one of these and be able to get together a little collection of amp heads and be able to record them silently.


I guess you must mean this?



No one can see yer shit when you play live.
And, myself, certainly dont need logos to inspire a jam.

You could always fill the engraving with paint. :+1:


When Mankind walks in Darkness the blind Seer will unveil the Truth.

From: Mysteries of the Elektron Way



Dexibell had a S7 and S3 before but now with improvements. I love the sound of the all the voices with these keyboards. And their digital piano simulations are very good.


It didnt seem to get much coverage but im actually pretty interested in the bger pro-1 to complement my euro. Really interested to see what the poly switch entails. Multiple voices, ext in, amp/env cv outs, looks like theres a sequencer in there too.

I think its coming out after the ms-101 and odyssey


Finally a decent sounding demo of the TE 400


All in all, a pretty meh NAMM this year


More money in our pockets!


Just posted by behringer

The best for last!

Tomorrow comes our big “post NAMM” reveal.

Stay tuned and fasten your seatbelts…


My money is on the 303 clone that appeared in one of their shots as they’ve kept that one really quiet


Let me guess, Uli’s jumping on the self driving car bandwagon. He’s calling it the Besla.
Fully electric self driving cars for only £299.99.

For the masses.


Or the BP-1200 sampler lol