NAMM 2019 predictions / releases

Boctatrack BSP-1


Okay, this is cool. Great demo.

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So dope. GAS re-initiated.

Keyboard with Motors for Voices: The Motor Piano

This is truly crazy – but nothing is better than the wholeheartedly dedicated crazy sort.
Beats the Panoptigan for crazy in my book.

This is somewhat like Thaddeus Cahill’s Telharmonium from 1897, miniaturized.


ELK Plugin OS

This was unveiled a year or so back. But now it’s showing fruit, or it’s about to.

I am really looking forward to this and i know i will use this. Having a $400 (I don’t know could be more could be less) Eurorack card that allows me to load in whatever of the thousands of plugins and play them without the expense of a computer will be great.

How about a battery powered guitar pedal sized system?

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Haha, that motor keyboard, great stuff.

Dont know if its mentioned, but great looks the new sample player from Orchestral Tools + their new webshop paradigm where you will be able to buy single instruments from collections - the future i say (or rather, i hope!)

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heh, it will fill up with dirty fingerprints soon enough :slight_smile:

…or dead skin :thinking::face_vomiting:

gotta say…the white will totally hide all those NASTY skin flakes.
some vids are REPUG with all the shit all over peoples gear. SO GROSS!

So did Uli announce anything new yesterday?

This guy Behringer Crave

Be quick though, the bger ethics convo is just starting


Hey Elektronauts,
wonder i see nothing from Pittsburgh Modular on NAMM2019 :confused:

Remember this teaser:

Any news about that, or other gear from PM? Were they even on NAMM2019? :thinking:

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WOW! What happened to FLAME?

I have always loved their/his approach but the website was so janky and the products were so hard to find. Looks like they’ve stepped up their game!

Remember Malekko presented a prototype for the BFF at NAMM 2017…looks like FLAME beat them to the punch! :heat:

? :thinking:

Even Their lastest instagram post is from 4th Jan. Maybe they are not in namm…

Strange, im really interested whats happend!?

Sonic State NAMM 2019 Awards:

Best Mono Synth:
Arturia MicroFreak

Best Poly Synth 2019:
Korg Minilogue XD

Best Newcomer:
Gamechanger Audio for the Motor Piano

Best Controller:
Effigy Labs Control Pedal foot controller

Pro Audio:
Aston Audio mic

Top Presenter:
Robert Becker from Quilter Labs the guy who’s behind the Panoptigon

Best of Show:
Akai Pro for the Force

New Technology:
Mind Music Labs ELK OS

Best Plug-In:
Expressive É Arché Collection

Best Music Software:
Omnisphere 2.6

Here’s a video of Nick taking a tour of the show and handing out his awards. (34 fun filled minutes.)

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Huston Singletary (in Sonic Talk 566) mentioned two new hardware products he spotted at NAMM, that were previously done as plugins.

  • The MOK WavRazor a wave slicing/splicing synthesizer which they ported onto the 1010 Music touch screen sampler Bitbox.


  • The McDSP APB-16 sixteen channel programmable analog processing box. It’s not really clear what this is going to look like, you probably can get more detail if you contact McDSP.


@Jukka just by following your posts I feel like I never miss anything interesting on the synth scene witout looking anywhere else :kissing_heart:


digital analog.
you can prog how you want it to work digi, and proc is supposed to be analog.
looks like it’ll be really cool.


Aston mics are a great value