NAMM 2019 predictions / releases

The least one Drives it by audio.

Moog One? Waldorf Quantum? Yamaha Montage? Access Virus TI?

This progamable pedal looks insane.
Anyone have experiencevwith these?


I backed this with a pre-order but their production has been delayed a few times. So there is no way to know what it will be like. I like the idea, looking at their other pedal, which can be customized. This one will be quite similar, I guess, but more geared towards synth heads.

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It looks amazing - build your own chains and save them as presets.

If done well I bet you could use this as a mastering suite for both live and studio use.

I hope it goes well and the company supports it for many years to come.

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Topic dedicated to today’s Elektron teaser here:

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Sweet! Love those melodic line. Can’t wait to see it at NAMM this Thursday. Hopefully they have a functional unit for hands on demo. EXCITED!

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First I thought it was a teaser, then I thought it wasn’t a teaser, then it’s confirmed it WAS a teaser(or build up to one).

Elektron is playing games with my head/heart.

I do appreciate their sneaky lead in to the suspense

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A revival of the Optigan !?

Warning: If wearing headphones turn the volume down – shrill noises.

Read more here.

Not sure anyone really needs this. But then who really needs a [put the name of your favorite synth here]?


Yep. It’s all a beautiful luxury. From the simplest Casio to a wall of modular. I’m damn glad we have so many cool devices for making noise.


NI will tease Maschine 3.0 on the 22nd


That thing would make 2 types of music and 2.western…

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Not necessarily


this isn’t a prediction… it’s a fact… :slight_smile:

Arturia have something compact, pretty cheap & very interesting & different coming at NAMM…

I genuinely can’t say any more or I’ll be in trouble, but suffice to say it looks great, specs look fab & it’s quite a different product. Looking forward to actually hearing it…


Wavetable + analog signal path or GTFO


Well… GTFI then. :slight_smile:


Apart from this (which sounds really interesting) I saw three “?” images in Arturia’s NAMM page, there’s a possibility for a new Keystep? I was thinking in buying one but… well, it’s 3 years old and maybe they thought about a renovation or a pro version.


not heard anything about that & I 've had two official Arturia heads-ups so far…