NAMM 2018 - News, Announcements hopes and rumours

Sorry, didn’t mean to be rude. Bluetooth MIDI will very likely have some bad timing issues… Some things are best left wired.

True. It’s an amazing instrument and nothing can replace it.

I wish you to get yours one day and experience its awesomeness!

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Strymon Magneto. Lots of videos up on Strymon’s YouTube channel. Underwhelming after seeing that Empress.



A sampler or speak & spell type device in PO form would be cool, a ‘my first barnyard friends’ edition less so. :tongue:

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Wow. Permut8. I’d be into that…


I’m with you on that. Hoping for a new Elektron digital synth box (called a Digitone, perhaps), but if Elektron isn’t launching something new, then I’m hoping no one makes something so awesome that it interferes with my gearlust for a Rytm, since that’s currently at the top.

Definitely interested of Magneto, the first product for me in NAMM! Tried to even preorder but my lousy country isn’t worth the delivery! :frowning:

Looks like the PO KO is a sampler



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Found this image of the KO Pocket Operator on Operator-1:

Here’s the thread:

EDIT: Phone was playing up and I didn’t see that it had been posted above!

Ah! I didn’t think that was the sampler but one of the Sonic Charge fx operators- good thinking, that makes more sense

Eurorack Doepfer

No not the Dark Energy III, something else.
Five polyphonic Eurorack modules from Doepfer:

  • Quad VCO ($400)
  • Quad VCF
  • Quad VCADSR - Voltage controlled envelope generator
  • Octal VCA
  • Polyphonic MIDI/CV/Gate Interface

This looks nice to me – Eurorack is often done as a monosynth, and of course it doesn’t have to be. Nice to see modules designed specifically for polyphony. (Helps save a little money and Eurorack real estate.)

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How cool are YOU?

Probably nowhere near as cool as you could be :sunglasses: with a new Keytar!

Here you go the Alesis Vortex Wireless 2:


If the price is right, I might go for that and get some wirless headphones and jam around like the folk music days

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They are on the “Late” … after Tron, Drive, Turbo Kid, Blade Runner 2049 … from 2010 now… it amazed me the wrong way how slow advertisement to the mass is… 8 years late to the recycle old-school vintage synthwave phenomena :stuck_out_tongue:

(i’m not even a specialist and give popular references… so i imagine a purist/specialist from synthwave probably laugh…)

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Using alarmclock typos on screens, never seazes to amaze me…


Ha what an awesome promo vid. They are really running with the whole “we know we’ll get the piss ripped out of us but fuck it” vibe - great tune too!