NAMM 2018 - News, Announcements hopes and rumours

The colors have me thinking these are gonna be updates of the po14 and po16.

…both featured within op-z.
it’s def. sonic charge content. as he has gone through the process of rewriting, so why don’t even clone his other work.
maybe Teenage cannot sell anything inside so they decided to unpack all new stuff for sale. like a big garage sale, image wise.

Er, why don’t you sample them?

Anyone add the Moog DFAM yet?

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Sounds like someone has been listening to the blindboy podcast…

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One of these is true

Anything other than a boutique 303.
Jesus does the world honestly need another 303 clone :expressionless:
I hope you are meaning Nord 5

Can’t wait for NAMM to end so I can focus on not making music again :expressionless:


Can’t wait for NAMM to start so I can decide whether I’ll spend my money on a RYTM mk2.

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What does LOL mean?

I eat square waves for breakfast.

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I am Belgian.


I couldn’t wait any longer and spent my money already on an A4MK2. Now I hope nothing good gets announced :smile:


I don’t think anything can really top the A4mk2- if you want that piece, nothing else can compare.

I don’t have the money to drop on that- so I’m hoping for a cheaper compromise that is capable of the weirdest beeps and boops.

Just make music through NAMM :slight_smile:


Sorry, didn’t mean to be rude. Bluetooth MIDI will very likely have some bad timing issues… Some things are best left wired.

True. It’s an amazing instrument and nothing can replace it.

I wish you to get yours one day and experience its awesomeness!

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