Naming Patterns 1.03


Hi folks,

Can anyone tell me how to name patterns, as I thought it was save pattern but that just saves a temp snapshot kind of thing?



Please ignore I’ve found it.


Use RENAME in the PATTERN menu.


thanks, I found it after posting. Should read manuals really, shouldn’t I? Though I’m getting on great with a few YT vids - barring the renaming of cause :slight_smile:


how do you name a pattern?

if I press pattern U get get to choose a pattern

if I press function pattern I see metronome …

OS 1.4

where is the pattern menu?

found it

got it


Hi, you guys might want to bear in mind that the forum is searchable both internally and via google. Other people looking to find out how to do something (in this case name a pattern) aren’t going to find the answer “No problem I figured it out” particularly helpful.

I’m not trying to be snippy (although I’m aware it could come across that way) but I encounter that kind of thing across all manner of tech forums.

I’m also reminded of how bizarre I find certain forum etiquette; such as the notion of thread necro. It’s like people sometimes forget that these forums exist on the web and it’s all indexed and searchable via Google et al. A thread that’s old, doesn’t cease to be relevant simply by virtue of its age, yet there are forums out there in which the userbase is outright hostile towards people “necroing” threads.

Anyway, to get this post back on track, would anyone care to explicitly state how to rename a pattern from “Untitled”? I have no clue where this “pattern menu” is. Yes I could RTFM - but I found myself here; as the internet is more accessible than a manual in a box, that is in turn buried under a million other boxes inside a cupboard of unadulterated chaos².


Pattern menu:


That’s the kind of clarity my dumb ass requires. Thank you very much sir!


Page 29

10.5 PATTERN MENU Use the PATTERN menu to perform pattern management. Press [PATTERN] to open the menu. Use the [UP] and [DOWN] arrow keys to move between the options. Press [YES] to confirm your selection. Exit the menu by pressing [NO]

I was unaware of how to do this until I saw this forum- So I’m glad this thread was brought back up so I could research it finally


I’d say it’s not terribly clear that 3 little squares would be the pattern menu :grin:




PS and FYI copy/clear/paste functions all work in the pop up naming screen for extra time saving!


It’s news to me! Thanks!


old threads containing details are greatly appreciated :exploding_head::pray:t3: