MyVolts Ripcord, issues

I have not gotten the myvolts ripcord to power my OT as advertised. Anyone else have the same experience?

Using an anker 26800 max output is 5v

When trying to power on my OT it just flashes and gives up. Tried with my DN same thing.

Odd behavior. If i power on the power bank and hold it on, then plug in my DN it works. The same is not true for my OT. Ive also tried powering mu Drumbrute impact. It will power this for the most part but still acts odd and wont power back up if I turn it off.

This is frustrating and Im hoping someone can tell me if im doing something wrong. Otherwise it seems this was too good to be true.


I’ve experienced the same thing…I can power by DN and M:S, but no go with my Octatrack. Curious to hear if anyone can shed some light on this…

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I have the same exact issue with Digitone… I have only gotten it to work with 2 USB ports out of about 10 that I tried.

It doesn’t work plugged directly into the USB port of any computer that I have. It doesn’t work using the USB ports of my Omnicharge 20+.

It works with the USB ports on my Pyle rack-mount power conditioner, and it works with one of my high powered AC to USB adaptors. That was rather disappointing considering using the Omnicharge 20+ to power the Digitone via USB is primarily what I purchased Ripcord 12v for.


I think the problem come from your powerbank. To power the DT/DN, it need 2,5A. I think the OT need more. Check your powerbank spec and if it’s a cheap one, maybe the constructor say something but in reality it power less A.

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Like has been said. You have to have a powerbank that can deliver a minimum of 2.5A at 5V for it to work. Otherwise the ripcord cannot deliver enough Power to the Octatrack.

I myself have the MyVolts ripcord and it works great with my Digitakt. My Powerbank can push 3A at 5V.
It was not a cheap powerbank mind you.

It’s the same with PC’s. Chances are you try to power it via an USB1 or 2 port and it simply doesn’t deliver enough power.

I had the same problem with some USB powered gear for years, where I was forced to buy an expensive self powered USB hub.
Now with my new upgraded PC it’s no longer an issue, as I bought a High-end gaming motherboard that has only USB 3.2 ports ( latest spec ).

PS. Some powerbank’s including mine, output default 1A, but have a boost function to output 2.5 ( or in my case up to 3A ), which can be enabled by pressing the Power button on the powerbank.

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Omnicharge 20+ was not cheap either - $200, and it was advertised to meet the required power specifications at its two USB ports.

Additionally, the USB ports I tested on the computers were USB 3.0 ports suitable for charging devices.

Mind sharing which power bank you are working with? Thanks!

I have a QuickCharge 3.0 spec Powerbank. So it has a default ( 1A ) mode, which I use the most with my Phone when I used it as mobile hotspot. Then I want minimum power to go to my phone as to not ruin the Phone battery.
Next to that it has a High Power mode (QuickCharge 3.0) that gets enabled by pressing the Power button.
So to power my Digitakt via the RipCord, I need to enable this High Power mode on my powerbank to deliver enough power.

With computers it highly depends what kind of motherboard you have and what power it sends over each USB port!
Even if your motherboard has USB 3.0 ports, it doesn’t mean it delivers the full Power over that port. Especially with the cheaper motherboards.
USB 3.0 specification can deliver up to 100W in power. Most laptops can handle 65W power input via their USB-C port, which some new high end powerbanks can deliver. So this mostly relevant for the new USB 3 (and 3.1 aka C) chargers that can deliver up to 65W these days.

On PC’s however, it’s totally unnecessary to deliver this kind of power via the USB port, since its main focus is delivering the specified data transfer speeds. They often give just enough power to handle standard USB class-compliant powered devices. The powersupply in your PC also has to be taken into account and how many Watts it supplies and how much will be drawn off by the CPU, Graphic card, disks, etc. So you might actually not have much left to be delivered to the USB ports at all, even if it has the capabilities to do so.

The Elektron Digitakt/Digitone/OctaTrack, etc are not official USB-class powered devices and require a lot more power!
That’s where the Ripcord comes in, which has it’s own transformer module inside the cable to take in 5V (as to draw max. possible Amp from your powerbank) and then outputing it as 12V to your device.

The Elektron Analog Four/Rythm are even worse. They require 22W of power! So you can’t find any 5V transformer cable for these, as most are capped at 9W (like the Ripcord).


Elektron PSU-3b (for everything except Model series and the old trinity) outputs 12V with 2A, ie 24W.
If you use another power supply that outputs something else than that, you’re taking risks it doesn’t work properly (and can even damage your unit).

These are the numbers to check before choosing a powerbank.
There are multiple threads about power banks in this forum, I suggest to do some research and get other users experience.


It’s the powerbank, the max output isn’t enough per port. I’ve got a Bonai power bank, it will run OT and DT/DN at the same time with ripcords. If DT/DN is on and you turn on OT, DT/DN will restart when you hit the OT power switch but they’ll both run together once they’re both on. 40 bucks can’t beat it. I haven’t tried any more than two units, the layout of the ports doesn’t have enough room for two ripchords to fit next to each other on either side. Tried running both though an anker unpowered USB hub and they won’t both stay on, one kills the other.

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I have two and run a DT plus OT off one Anker battery with no issues. It’s 100% your power supply.

When I had an OT and powered it with the RipCord, I had no issues. Powerbank’s probably it. I’ve used the same cord to power my Heat as well, when I had one.

I use this one with as each port can use up to 2.4A (8 in total)

Will that thing run 4 units at once on ripcords? DT+DN+OT+??

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The ripcord spec says it deliveres 12v from 5v usb. The unit i purchased is not cheap at all its an anker 26800 and is spec’d to output 5v. I dont think its my power bank. I’ve reached out to them but 24hrs and no response.

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Which power supply do you have? I purchased an anker 26800 which outputs 5v.

It’s the power bank, Myvoltz is a rock solid company and the Ripcords have been very dependable.
I also have the Bonai Portable Charger 30000mAh, (Ultra High Capacity)(Flashlight)(Outdoor) BONAI 5.6A 4-Port Output External Battery Pack.

I played the OT + DN with this combo for well over 4 hours rock solid, with about half battery life left, I think I read on the forum that the OT needs more power to startup.


I just got my MyVolt’s cable, working fine for me with a generic USB Powerbank. I got the one that plugs into the normal power point not the one that uses the one under the plastic cover. I did order one of those as well from Amazon. Hope you folks resolve the issue.

Powercore 20100.

Another issue with the power bank that might not be listed in its specifications, devices need more power to startup than they do to run, if the power bank can’t push enough juice for startup, the advertised 2.5A doesn’t do any good

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I use this one with my ripcord and octatrack. Works perfectly.