My new vid with Cenk and Model:Samples!

Hello everyone! I thought I’d share this fun vid I made with Elektron grand master Cenk a few weeks back at the Thomann Synth Reactor event. It was super cool to get the lowdown on the Model:Samples as I was initially a little underwhelmed by it but not anymore (especially with the new Sample Locks). That chance control is amazing in conjunction with the control all feature. Cenk shows how you can use it like a dynamic mute! All in the vid below…


22:33 to 22:47 … lovely!

Very nice, esp that thing with chance instead of mutes!

fun to watch you guys!

Definitely fun @Gaz. I have to say that one of the biggest selling points of the M:S is the USB compliance. I was surprised that you can input the ipad audio back into the M:S. Had a lot of fun with it tonight. Thanks for this info!

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Very cool @Gaz I had no idea you could route audio back in to the MS. And in your video I did not hear any noticeable latency. Do the FX get applied to it or it just a straight thru to the output?

FX get applied on the M:S out and you get back the processed audio…that‘s the fantastic thing. I did not check for latency, but i @Gaz it is pretty small

can Model Samples power a Roland Boutique?