My LFO light doesnt lite up anymore : (

when scrolling thru AMP, Filter & LFO, amp & filter both have their red LEDS & lfo remains blank.

is this a thing? is this fixable?


most later Elektrons have a test mode which specifically tests the device on LED status, and for different colours when possible - it’s visual and obvious

Maybe test mode is smart enough to know/report - but if there’s a similar LED check mode on MNM give it a try - just in case your issue is somehow related to something else (although unlikely)

all info for support

not sure how easy these are to source/remove/replace - might just be a slip on masking/sleeve and regular component - assuming issue doesn’t lie elsewhere - may be possible to test led with device off and a suitable DC voltage battery

screen grab from this photo

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 12.57.58

It’s rather these three, the trig select LEDs:

Screenshot 2021-10-29 at 13.06.36

I don’t know if that makes them easier to access / replace.

There is a test mode for lights and controls. You hold FUNCTION while starting up and then press trig number 1. Then pressing various trigs and buttons should make all the different lights illuminate.


Yes they are standard 3mm LEDs, the black part is just a spacer which you can reuse, a pretty simple job to replace them, probably want to ask support for the part number/specs, to match the others.

Edit: Also won’t hurt to reflow the solder in case of a dry/cracked joint.

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