My experiments if you don't mind


I dare to publish some of my trials (and errors) but you always have the free will to decide whether you’re interested in it or not :slight_smile:



Yeah, I’m still learning Octatrack :slight_smile:


My girlfriend had a short trip abroad, so I had some time for full time music at home :smiley:

The whole instrumental section was performed on Octatrack, I just applied static mastering and EQ on it in DAW, and cut out some parts of the jam in order to make the track shorter. I used some factory/package samples along with my own samples played on guitar and Pocket Operators. My terrible vocals were recorded separately :slight_smile:


damn this track is dope. love the vocals and all the craziness. very different

Thanks man! :slight_smile:

Ha, I just watched a George Clooney movie last night…
Nice work bud…

Clooney’s everywhere this weekend then :smiley:

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Great stuff - thanks for sharing.

Thanks for listening :slight_smile:

Some noises from playing OT + PO32 + PO20. It’s Christmas time, you know :slight_smile:



A short entry for #jamuary2018. I can’t help loving my AK :slight_smile:

It’s a late entry for #jamuary2018 :slight_smile: Recorded on last day of January but I couldn’t publish it till now.
Octatrack + gutiar + voice effect. Oh, and a single shot :slight_smile:

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A new song featuring Analog Keys and Deluge… and my own voice, too, unfortunately :smiley:

Hey, here’s a new stuff. It was played on a guitar and Octatrack. Some backround melodies/chords were pre-recorded, the rest was live guitar sampling/mangling. Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile: