My Digitone arrived today :)


I am eager to see how it paires with my Digitakt, Blofeld and Pulse2. And I hope that the DN will run without glitches. It came with 1.02 already installed.



Mine arrived yesterday, also with 1.02 installed.
I think it’s bloody brilliant!


Mine arrives tomorrow to be paired with my two Octatracks.
Very much looking forward to it.


Mine should also arrive tomorrow :blush:


yup! hopefully we will have a good time :)!!

After listening to the Demo tracks and Findling around a bit I have to say that it sounds beautifully and seems to be very versatile :slight_smile:


Got mine yesterday and it’s a delight. Mostly of the various presets sounds sooo good, so well crafted. :slight_smile:
Question : Do you have some of the buttons blink once, when you turn the machine on? I wonder if it’s an anomaly I should be worried of.


Seriously impressive machine.

I think it’s a good match for my mindset; I like big changes and experiencing weirdness without much effort; this box ticks that box beautifully.

Well done the Swedish bunch again.