My digitakt knobs are not working well

Hi there, since the last update, every time i tweak my knobs the parameter that i’m changing is constantly jumping like hell and it’s not sturdy or balanced.
does any one know how to fix that? it’s affecting my performance so i can’t do it right…

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Open a ticket and send it in for repairs. I don’t know if I got an early model or something, but I’ve had to send mine in twice (different knobs though).
The elektron repair team if you’re us based is amazing though. They got it back to me in about a week including shipping!

Did you have any indication of it doing that before the firmware update?

nope, it was perfect before the update

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I’ve seen discussion of encoder sensitivity and such like - speak with support - I doubt very much it’s hardware

you can test the encoders in test mode in any case

I have an issue that I’ve seen reported a few times where the value jumps up/down if you push scroll to min or max

this seems to have been noticed more since the update so may be something that can be tweaked

Same for me. Noticed that yesterday. Wasn’t there before latest update.

exactly what happned to me

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I have reported this and I imagine others have, so fingers crossed

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Did they respond?

only really mentioned that general encoder sensitivity would be looked into and tweaked over time - watch this space i guess