My Analog four will not connect to Overbridge/PC

Hey Guys!

My A4 will not connect to Overbridge, The PC sees the unit in MIDI mode. In Overbridge mode the unit shows up as multiple devices in device manager with and error icon. In the Overbridge app, the A4 shows multiple “Y’s” under the device name, very strange.
Please see this screenshot .

I came from a MAC and had no issues with USB connection and Overbridge, this is not a hardware issue.

I also have an Analog rytm which connects flawlessly, no issues with my PC.

Maschine - Microsoft Surface Book
OS - Windows 10, latest version

A4 OS - 1.24c
Overbridge version - 1.15.0

Thanks for the help in advance.


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In my experience with this toggling the A4 from overbridge mode to midi mode, turning the device on and off and trying different cables works can work as a combination

Hey @dotYOUTH ,

Thank you for the tips, I will give that a shot.
I was looking for a permanent fix.
Why is the A4 the only device giving me issues?



I installed Overbridge before connecting the units to my PC.
Uninstalled Overbridge and reinstalled with A4 connected and turned to Overbridge USB mode.
Installed Overbridge, restarted computer, fixed.



Very user UN-friendly.