Mutable instruments


Hey! I’ve been following the second hand eurorack market for a while now, in part of making OK choices in expanding my semi modular and getting a modular system that can fit my setup and workflow. The to-go modules like maths, braids, clouds etc were hard to miss when i first started researching and mutable instruments seemed to top the market with it’s open source, interesting ideas and clean module design and for a while i saw really high prices in clouds and braids, like brand-new-complete-synthesizer prices. I got hold of braids, missed many clouds because people picked them up in minutes after they were published on a particular swedish second hand site. I posted my own add reqesting to buy a clouds module without success but recently scored one. But this week many Mutable modules went up with competitive prices making me think that they “lost value” for some reason? Micro versions of braids and clouds cost more than the original module in some cases even.

Can any of you update me about why this is? I perfectly fine with having payed what was asked for my modules, no problem, im just new to eurorack and where people get their info from.


Plaits, the successor of Braids, is starting to ship out so a lot of people are probably trading up or realizing they don’t need both. I think there is some other MI stuff on the near horizon as well.

Also second hand gear prices in general often fluctuate up and down, check the price history for nearly anything on and you’ll see waves of increase and decrease for no known reason other than supply/demand.


Yeah i saw Plaits which explains why some get rid of braids :slight_smile: I also think i read that Plaits had a decent price tag compared to braids in it’s days. It all comes down to needs to different purposes i guess so when new features that people need, they switch, and maybe some “just” wants the newest versions and collects. I’ve seen machinedrum uw+ mk2 for 1200 usd while rytm, a4 and mm are going for far less!


The guy behind Mutable Instruments Olivier also announced at the same time that Clouds and Peaks will get a successor this year.


Maybe people want to get the new modules (Clouds successor comes, too) but keep the old modules, but don’t have enough space left then… So they buy the µModules.


The micros should be more expensive as they cram just as much into less HP, right?


I have µBraids and Clouds and got them both far cheaper than the originals.
Depends on the builder


where is news like that published? the MI forum?


valid point! :slight_smile: