Mutable Instruments Clouds


sorry europe - germany would be to expensive with shipping :frowning:


@Nachklangmusik, pm’d you.


The idea of modulating my :elmm: with this module gets me thrilled. I wished Clouds since the begin, but somehow i didn’t buy it.
So guys, if someone of you got the idea to sell this amazing module, you definitively make me happy :slight_smile:

PS: Europe only


@A45 hi, offered mine to @Nachklangmusik but i think its no longer of interest, pm me if you would like to talk - i am paring down my modular set up and am getting rid of clouds and a few other things.
I’m in london.


I live in the states now, are you still selling ?


If not, I have one available for shipment in the US. Original owner, factory built, with box. $325 shipping w/track# included.


I’m down for that, I’ll be in the States in september


Is there anyone in Germany who want to sell his Clouds Module?


I found a clouds please close this thread! :wink: