Mutable Instruments Clouds


Did anyone offer a Mutable Instruments Clouds Module? It seems they are out of production :frowning:


Well apparently there will be a new replacement module soon, so maybe prices will be high right now…
Clouds is the single reason I got into modular, I hope you get one too.
Just beware the 2nd hand prices could get spicy as owners jockey for position!

eBay could be your ally on this beauty, good luck!


Would be also my first modular gear :wink:
I think this one is very good to start. The rings and Elements are also great. I think i will wait for the new module. Thanks for the info!


Actually, it gets great when you modulate it. I would give it a modulation partner right from the start


There’s always this option too :


my idea is to send sounds from my synths to the cloud and play with the graintables to create awesome pads. but an modulation partner would be better indeed!


would be an alterative thanks!


Yeah Clouds is great, I feel it’s missunderstood a great deal, it’s not just an audio smudger, it has vast creative possibilities with a modulation source a la @Nachklangmusik points out.
I’d imagine the new module will be slightly cut down if you go by the Braids/Plaits analogy but either way it will sound absolutely gorgeous as most MI modules are… :heart_eyes:


On Mutable Instruments’ facebook page, it says that a successor module for clouds will be released sometime at the end of the year, so you might want to wait. It’s likely that the price of the original ones will drop, and that the new one will be even better !


I just read through this long mw thread on the Kammerl alternative firmware for Clouds, and I’m planning to install the latest beta, which has the original modes and adds on a beat repeat mode, spectral clouds mode, and a new wavepicker mode (“a wavetable-based two-voice oscillator that picks wave forms directly from Clouds recording buffer”). I also snagged the last of these alternative panels for Kammerl’s beat repeat mode. Hopefully he’ll have more panels available soon, they’re gorgeous. This all seems pretty wild and I’m excited that my slightly stale (or at least overfamiliar) Clouds is about to sound and look brand new.


As a Clouds owner have you tried the VCV rack version of the module ? If so, how do you think it compares in terms of sound and behaviour to the real module ?


That’s a good question. It’s the exact same code running, so in theory it should sound exactly the same. In practice, my mid-2013 Macbook’s age is showing, and the Clouds software module in particular is greedy with CPU. I believe the CPU / memory issues have gotten better with VCV 0.6 but I haven’t been able to fully resolve some occasional, intermittent crackles yet. To my ears, my hardware Clouds also sounds noticeably lusher, deeper, and smoother than the software Clouds, but I haven’t done a proper A:B comparison, and it could just be placebo or wishful thinking on my part. VCV Rack needs to optimize its GUI code and get waaaay more efficient, and I think the developer completely owns up to that. At the moment, with my less-than-optimal computer, VCV is a dream come true for almost anything involving logic, modulation, or digital oscillators. For example, as far as I’m concerned, the Maths clone someone developed (“Floats”) seems to more or less copy the functionality of my hardware Maths exactly. But I’m okay for the moment with having Clouds in hardware form because it frees up my CPU for everything else in VCV that I love, and in hardware it will never struggle to operate, and it has it’s own DAC, etc. Hope that helps, and keep in mind it’s just my subjective experience.


I used to have Clouds and compared it to the VCV version and found that the VCV was lacking. Its kind of the same but not really. The only way to describe it is that the VCV version was kind of muffled. I didn’t get on with VCV at all. I agree that VCV does modulation well.




Thanks for all the answer, I believe in VCV rack overall sound quality and some modules sound awesome. Like @Andrew108, the sound felt muffled to me at first, but watching the video I’m now convinced that my tweaking/patching was the problem x)

P.S. Olivier Gillet is really awesome though, I like his approach to module making. He’s really open about his process and ideas.


i will do that to test it out. i think vcv rack is a very good app to learn what all these modules do. would never buy a module if i dont know what it do :smiley: So VCV Rack is a very usefull tip!


Interesting. I’ll download it and give it another go.


by the way, I could be wrong here, and I haven’t seen that ‘VCV vs hardware’ video in a while… but I don’t think his Clouds comparison really gets at modulation of Clouds which is where a lot of the interesting movement happens. Just listening to a reverb tail is not going to give you a full picture of what Clouds sounds like. It’s how that tail moves spectrally over time with applied CV over multiple parameters that does.


I have one for sale. PM me if you are based in the US.