Mutable Instruments Blades

Hot off the press.

all analog!


looks like a really flexible module. can see this easily justifying the hp cost for many.

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You’re right it is a lot of HP, is right, but if you think about it could take over duties of a wavefolder, distortion, and 2xfilter modules. Besides, you just know soon there will be a mini version, just wished Emilie got a cut for all those clones. One of the things I love about Mutable’s philosophy is that all of their modules are capable of lots of different functions, many of which are discovered through exploration patching.


I am so over 2-6 hp modules. Yeah you really pack them in there, but they are so hard to use. I think the performance interface is so much more important than the HP efficiency.

One of the things I genuinely appreciate is the effort MI go to to make the form factor ergonomic. The design choice results in modules you want to play, not just checking off a particular function.

Will there? The design isn’t up on github. It isn’t a digital module, and I suppose there could be an waiting period before the design is uploaded but let’s not take that for granted. It is evident that the mini mutable clone brigade does negatively impact MI sales and annoys Emilié by warping the original designs.

I say, buy the original and experience the module as intended.

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Yes I agree with you on the size. I have a couple of smaller modules and they can be a little difficult to work with, what with all those trimpots sticking out everywhere. I don’t mind the Pico and 2HP so much though.

I mentioned the small console more tongue in cheek, a bit of banter if you will. I do hope to own this one day. I am a fan of M.I. and have been slowly purchasing them all up.



I also believe that this is a 4-layer board which reduces the cloning… but, yes - buy the original (or diy for yourself)

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The protype was all through hole and boy was it huge.

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Yeah - but last year (?) Emilie posted an image of an upcoming module that (I think) had v2164s on a 4-layer board - it looked very like a filter so I am guessing this is that board…

Update: I ordered my Blades on 23/12/2020, today I asked for an update and they told me I am 3rd on the list and will have the module for sure by the end of the year 2021.

Cycle! This filter better be good :joy:


Hot damn. Was there an initial production run already or is yours one of the first? Thought this had been available for awhile…

I have seen some around, probably terrible sourcing parts issues.


One thing I saw recently on YT ( was the idea of putting coloured knobs on each side. This would be a really nice logical idea as a visual aid, and gives it a great look (en plus) :wink:.

Win win…

Mine is on the way. Whos got some tasty tips for me to ponder while I wait? How do people like theirs?

I had no idea how unique the “trifader” was on the morphing filter types. And this from the manual

The intermediate responses between LP and BP, or BP and HP, have a shelving shape. This can turn Blades into a useful tool for EQ-ing and spectrally coloring signals.

Nice. Really looking forward to it.