Mutable Instruments Beads

Whats the price? $359 / €299?

Edit, yeah, that’s the price.

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STRONG! :+1:t6:

This bit right here means I now maaaaaaay consider it as it now seems like you can pop it into a 4ms pod and use it all by itself. Interesting.


I thought I wouldn’t,… but I am slowly building a little MI skiff with the new modules :upside_down_face:

Good on you Scanner.
Os ot true this is the last Mutable module? Sad if it is, end of a powerhouse.

Lovely, scannerfied, have you had it long robin

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Just ordered from Mattech. £259 uk price.

Don’t have any space in my rack though, hmm new rack or sell something?


‘In Stock’
That’s the way aha aha I like it

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Wait, the reason they discontinued Clouds was to stop people from using it as a shimmer reverb? Really?

Well, even its false, it’s an amusing enough thought to me.


Yeah, I’ve been keeping an eye out for this to arrive… does not disappoint. Just put an order in but now have a biiig decision to make as I don’t really want to mess with my little palette case which is in a nice place. I have a couple of spare modules that I could rack with this and make an interesting effects box to sit next to it. But dammit, I was really trying not to grow the eurorack.

haha thanks - such a coincidence!! I was about to buy my first module - today!! - a MI Clouds - this thread popped up while I was chatting with the seller - best timing. Any idea when it’s ready to buy? Also can I use it instantly with my A4 - I suppose I only need a few adapter from 1/4" to 1/8" for audio and CV?


I like this. It’s demos like this that sold me on Clouds in the first place. Super fun.

After watching a few videos and reading about it on MI’s website, I’m feeling pretty confident that I’ll wanna keep my Supercell, but this thing is looking neat.

Lmao , well not 100 the reason but I think Emilie wanted people to get more out of the module than what was generally being done with it. I think now she is much more pleased at how flexible and more ability for the happy accidents to happen with this module!

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Yeah, keeping my Clouds due to the Kammerl Beat Repeat. I even got the dedicated panel for it.

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I’m keeping my clouds’es because they are the connoisseur’s choice for lofi, beads is too hifi :sweat_smile:

though maybe tempted anyway as I like supporting MI since building my first shruthi way back as my first soldering adventure…


Had it since January 2021

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I believe so, but there’s a huge legacy of inspiration and design left behind if so


That makes it wee bit easier. What’s the saying, don’t fret about the times that weren’t had, but rather embrace the ones you did.

are you saying you’ve had one since Jan? what are the main differences with clouds?

Yes, January 2021. Many differences between Clouds and Beads. Just read the online site where it saves me having to write it all out :grinning: